Anukul Gita

Thakur Anukulchandra's Literature is a collection of sayings & teachings of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, a well known religious personality in India. His sayings and discourses with Him have been compiled into numerous books in Bengali and in English. Actually, He doesn't compartmentalise life into religion, science or arts, rather He has explained every single things with relation to the WHOLE, in a synthetical & analytical manner. This project is to collect all His literature at one place and make them available to everyone.
There is not a single utterance in the collection from the very first to the last in His ideas on religion, spirituality, education, society, industry, agriculture, arts, commerce, marriage, conjugal life, eugenics, economics, politics, science and others which has not evolved out of his personal realization and experiences and which he has not been trying to materialize in the scale of a seedling here in the Satsang. The life of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji is like the Alpine glacier which melts into an infinity of colors as it proceeds onwards, has been breaking into a variety of channels each solving the problems of a particular phase of human necessity. He alone knows in what a sea of bliss for mankind His life will find its consummation. The sayings give a clear solution to the questions on the different problems of not only the present day world but to the ages to come. Never in the history of mankind we find such a great scientific and detailed explanations of the real dynamics of the Nature and human beings. No wonder, He is worshipped as the Latest Revelation on the earth, in whom all religions, isms & sects find a unity and complete fulfillment. He is known as Fulfiller the Best in whom all knots of our lives dissolve and we attain real bliss.
Sri Sri Anukulchandra Thakur's main literature
Magna Dicta by Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra
Aalochana Prasange
Aim behind the creation
If you do not have anything called environment, if you do not get any impulse from any place, can you then realize and enjoy yourself? If your heart desires to love some one, but if no such existence remains to whom can you love, then is there any way left other than beating your chest? Only for self enjoyment is His _expression in so many forms.
When God descends for takes avatar in the form of Sachhidanandaghana, and when the human beings live in his proximity following his desires, then in spite of sorrows, sufferings and struggle, the people are able to understand, how beautiful the life is and how beautiful the creation is.
In important matters, instead of suggesting something immediately, you should say, let me see, I will tell you later. Then, after discussing and judging from all angles with someone intelligent and well-wisher, and coming to a proper decision, the message has to be conveyed tactfully.
I say tactfully because, if some one expects guidance from you but you deny him, then he becomes annoyed to some extent. That is why, if you have to deny someone due to no other option, it has to be conveyed in such a way that there is less misunderstanding. My point is that, more you fulfill the necessity of Existence and growth of others without endangering yourself, more it is good. There will be lesser mistakes if you follow this principle in giving suggestions in important matters. And if by mistake, you suggest someone improperly, and you realize that your existence may be at danger to fulfill that suggestion, then politely apologize for your inability by approaching him.
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