The Zen-Ki Religion: The Religion of Freedom

This is a new religion that allows you much more freedom and less dedication to your God. This is a polytheisitic religion. It believes in one main god and other gods from the past. This religion inclueds Heaven,Hell, and the Twilight Domain (Which will be explained later). There are three forms of this religion; Heavenus Form, Hellian Form, and the Twilight Dominion From. Lets Start With the Heavenus Form. Heaven is where all pure souls that have fallowed most of the Centos. Known as "Sins" in the Jewish or Catholic religions.

Heavenus Form

The Heavenus Form is where you worship one Lord. This "Lord" is the one that receives most of your prayer. Although you can pray to other gods from the past as well. The Lord is the one that decides what realm you go to (Heaven, Hell or the TD) after death. The Lord rules over all other Gods. What is the difference between a Lord and a God you ask? A Lord is 20x more powerful than a God. But like I stated. The Lord is the one the receives most prayers.

Lets talk about Getting to Heaven in the first place. The Lord would like us to fallow the 8 Centos. And they are:

1) Do not kill for injustice reasons

2) Do not steal for injustice reasons

3) Do not abuse the use of alcohol or drugs

4) Show respect to all even though you may not like the person

5) Help those in need and show mercy in War or battle

6) Do not fight for injustice reasons

7) Pray to your Lord and trust in him

8) Do not lie to your Lord in prayer, if you do you will be punished.

Did anyone notice that there is no "Do Not swear" rule? That's right, you're aloud to swear as much as you want. (Like Me, Lol.) Oh, and by the way, the "for injustice reasons" part means for crime or for self gain. It is possible to go to Heaven even if you've killed. Say if you killed someone that threatened you, you would go most likely still go to Heaven. But say you killed someone for money or goods, you'd have a lesser chance of going to Heaven. Also, you do not have to go to any church or special buildings to pray. You can pray freely at a place of your liking. Heck, You could pray on the John if you wanted. Anyway, Let me explain Cento #8. In prayer you probably make a promise that you will do something in return for whatever it is you wish for, right? Well, lets say you don't keep this promise. Then the Lord would punish you. Whether it be that day or later on in the week, you are most likely to be punished. Punishment could be in the form of anything -e.g, an injury, or your game system broke down. Something that you wish wouldn't happen-.

Sadly Since this is a fairly new religion, There is basically no way to get married in any church. Fear not! There are still many Temples or you could simply get married by a Court Judge on a beautiful beach. Marriage is an important thing in the Heavenus Form of the Zen-Ki religion. Its so important that it has its own set of Centos, called Mentis (Mĕntīs). The are sort of like vows. These "Vows" are:

1) Do Not love another the same way you love your companion

2) Do not cheat on your companion or have any sexual relation with another while in marriage

3)Show respect to your companion and treat each other with kindness

4) Do not show hate tword each other

5) Raise you children with an education, and with this religion

6A)(Male) Always put your family before anything

6B) (Female) Care for the home and children, protect and feed children

6C) (Male) Work Hard to support family

7) Do not have a child is you know you cannot support it/them.

8) Do not fail to marry someone simply because of there ethnic background

9) Do not cause physical or mental harm to your companion.

10) Do not cause physical or mental harm to you children.

Pretty Simple right? I'd hope so. It's pretty basic. Just love, and care for your family. And make you love for your companion last forever. Divorces are settle by law and do not effect the Centos, so don't worry.
However It doesn't look good on your life resume when you die. But this is only a minor thing. It shouldn't effect you too much. Now if you marry like every month and then divorce, then there might be a problem. But thats highly unlikely to happen in the first place. I want to point out Mintos #9 and 10. Now by mental or physical harm it means not do do these things on purpose. Say if you were playing with you child and you accidentally dropped a toy on their foot or something like that. It's ok. Same with your companion, say you accidentally hurt them in anyway, It's ok. Remember, Accidents can be forgiven, purpose-ness cannot.

It would be a lie if you told me you didn't want to know what Heaven looked like. So I'll show you. This is but a small map of Heaven.


Yes, I know its a horrible map made from the Paint program but have you didn't think I'd actually let you see what the real Heaven actually looks like did you? LOL, yeah right! But let me explain this terrible excuse of a map.

Map Explanation:

Heavenus Castle: This is where all the Gods/Goddess/Lords live. They all have rooms with-in the huge walls in the castle. In the inner ring of the castle there are merchants and a battle arena when God/Goddesses/Lords fight for others amusement. Behind the castle (not shown on the crappy map) there is a temple for the Lord himself. This is where he lives.

Forest of Life: A Simple Forest with beautiful rays of light shine through its tree heads. Some people come here to rest others to see the OAA(1 on the map). The OAA is the Orchestra Assembly Area, this is obveusly where orchestras preform as well as bands and sometime there are comedy shows or even plays preformed here. The Forest of Life is Full of life after death.

Heavenus Field: Not much to say about this. Its just a giant grass field with nothing in particular that is special about it just. It's about the size of 14 football fields.

Animal Realm: Ah yes, the animal realm. this is were all creatures that are not human go after death.

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