Sri Viswayogi Viswamji or Viswaguru is a spiritual leader from India. He was born on March 5, 1944 in Guntur. His original name is Viswanatha Sastri. He is considered by his followers as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. The ashram of Viswamji is located at Viswanagar in the suburban area of Guntur City. He travels across the world, with frequent trips to the United States.

Early life
He was born to Srimathi Varalakshmamma and Sri Anjaneyulu . His father, Sri Gurrapadiya Anjaneyulu was a great practitioner of austerities. Lord datta appeared to him in a dream and gave him initiation with Taraka mantra. He was also a great poet and led a highly disciplined life. Once on some business he had to go to Varanasi and live there for some days. One night he had a vision in which he noticed beams of light emanating from the Jyotirlinga (the idol of Viswanatha). Since at the same time his wife in Guntur gave birth to a male child, Sri Anjaneyulu named his new-born son Viswanatha Sastri. Everyone, however, used to call the child Viswam. It is this Viswanatha Sastri who became a school teacher, and later after 21 years of rigorous penace, mortification of body with celibacy, he attained siddatwa. He has taken the charge of a teacher of the universe i.e. VISWA GURU.

His Philosophy
To be born as a human being is in itself a sublime thing. It is a rare gift of providence which cannot be attained easily. So every human being should endeavour in the right direction to make his life purposeful. He must first make himself worthy of his human birth. One must strive hard to move forward in the path of spiritual evolution first by becoming a man perfect, then prudent and then a realized soul and finally identifying himself with the Supreme.

Perfection of manhood is itself the divinity. The Sanatana Dharma aims at and provides for evolving man into perfect manhood. This dharma does not confine itself to either a region or a religion. It embraces the entire world. It is universal. It is now the necessity to the present day world to follow the doctrine of his Sanatana Dharma to attain universal brotherhood and bliss to the entire humanity.

It is this Sanatana Dharma that has put forth the concept of viewing the whole world as a single family. It is this Sanatana Dharma that has taught us to visualize God in every living being, it is this Dharma that has seen "Unity in Diversity". It is this Dharma that has enjoined to treat mother, father, teacher and guest as Gods.

This Sanatana Dharma reforms individuals and their families. It transforms their homes as abodes of peace. And through such homes it converts the society at large as a heaven on earth, as a VAIKUNTHA(abode of Lord Vishnu) as an ANANDANILAYA(abode of divine bliss).

Universal Integration Pillar
The Universal Integration Pillar is an envisioned Symbol of oneness of humanity of Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamji, "An epitome of divinity".It is circular in shape and a building in itself, miniaturing universe inbrick and mortar. It is symbolising man's hope and victory and bears eloquent testimony to his efforts of fostering and promoting UNITY OF MANKIND. Its sanctified structure depicts the realisation that divinity is inherent inman. Through the engravings of all major religious symbols on it, it reveals that it holds aloft on it and through them, that humanity, humane nature, are higher and ennobling, in spite of differences in religious practices of various faiths (excerpts taken as it is from official url:

Viswayogi institute of medical sciences.

Viswamji has built a hospital called the Mother and Child Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. here all the services are free and available to all people. for the past nine years, while raising money for the hospital and during its construction, Viswamji has held medical camps on every third Sunday. here the medical attention was not only free, but all medications necessary for one month were given to the patients free of cost as well.

"Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj wishes to reform the society establishing the true values of Sanaatana Dharma(universal human values) and His mission is to achieve this through self-reform. Family is the basic unit of the society and Mother & Child are the backbone of the family unit. Both of them are to be treated with care and respect for making a sound family unit and for building a healthy society."

His sayings
* The technology like Internet has made the whole world small. People should realize that there is one more unknown Internet called Universal Spiritual Internet. Unfortunately we don't know how to connect to his Internet to learn and live in peace.
* Self realization is the best realization.
* Self confidence is the best confidence.
* There is only one caste the caste of humanity.
* Self Discipline is the best discipline
* Self Control is the best control.
* Self Satisfaction is the best satisfaction.
* There is only one God and He is omnipotent and omnipresent.
* There is only one language the language of the heart.
* There is only one religion the religion of Love.
* There is only one law the law of duty.
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