Akello Light

Akello Light, formerly known as
Akello Uchenna is a North Carolina creative artist and music producer.
In 2006, Akello produced a whole album under the name, "Transcending Project" with Belgium poet 72 Soul. Okayplayer.com gave it a 77 out of a 100 score in its review section.
During 2009, the radio station Dublab begin to put Kutmah's Sketchbook Mix(03.24.09) into their on-air rotation. The intro of this mix is a Akello Light track called,"ZACRED FUNGUZ". This mix can still be heard online at Dublab.com.
Akello gained international
awareness in March 2010 when he
appeared on the Jus Like Music &
Apple Juice Break compilation
called ‘Oscillations Part 1 & 2. Akello also did a mix called, "Oscillations Mix: 3:37am" for the compilation that was featured on the UK Glacéau Vitaminwater website.
On May 25, 2010, Akello released
a flagship LP for HW&W Recordings,
“Breathing Room" with the LA rapper Coincidence. "Breathing Room” was
deemed a critical underground success, earning
praise from outlets such as
Mostlyjunkfood and Youllsoonknow
Unexpectedly, Akello started to create a small buzz
on the Stones Throw Records
message board because of a older
release he made on a cassette tape named "Green Tea
Towards the end of that year, he
started to release projects called
"Demo Sessions" and "The Original
Gentleman Series, half based on
production from known producers
such as 9th Wonder and
upcoming producers such as Obsidian Blue . These projects consist of one EP being dropped every month for the whole year of 2010 and
2011. In May 2010, the project with 9th Wonder received press on Smokingsection.uproxx.com in their Stray Shots section.
In April 2012, Akello
collaborated with Minnesota
producer Katrah-Quey for the
released of his,"I Heart Esperanza EP". In June 2012, Akello Light
entirely produced Flick Brown's second EP called, "Love Dairies". Akello has also been receiving radio air-play from stations such as
WVUM 90.5 (Miami), 101.5 Radio Adelaide(Australia) and KTUH 90.3 FM (Honolulu) .
*2010: Esperanza Spalding- “I Know” ft. Akello Light (Soulmate Remix)
*2007:Akello Uchenna-Green Tea Mint
*2010: Akello Light-Green Tea Mint 3
*2011: Akello light-Green Tea Mint 2
*2010: To Hanes Mall (Prod by 9th Wonder)
*2010: I'm A Big Fan Of Cuddling EP (Prod by Akello Light)
*2010: Miss Unique Robinson (Prod by Lord Finesse)
*2010: When Night Is Falling (Prod by Abjo)
*2010: A Rainbow with Dreams (Prod by WRFM)
*2011: I Wonder EP (Prod by Odetta)
*2011: Bon Air Ave EP (Prod by Buckwild/DJ Premier)
*2011: For Grown Women EP (Prod by Subliminal Influence)
*2011: She Learned To Love Again (Prod by Munoz)
*2011: Second Date EP (Prod by DJ MM)
*2011: My Future Wife (Prod by Obsidian Blue)
*2011: Cafe Boheme (Prod by Obsidian Blue)
*2011: About My Past (Prod by Akello Light)
*2011: Kava Root (Prod by Onelovebeats & EvilNeedle)
*2011: Witches Of Brookline (Prod by Akello Light)
*2012: Hanes Mall 2: Silas Creek Parkway EP (Prod by 9th Wonder)
*2012: Root Chakra Is Clear
*2012: Sacral Chakra
*2012: Homewood Drive (Prod by Depakote)
*2012: MAMI WATA
*2012: Eir (Prod by Akello Light)
*2012: The Honey Bun Prince (Prod by Ethereal Universe)
*2012: Guess Who
*2012: Smoke The Jeep Out Soundtrack (Student Film)
Albums produced partially or entirely
*2006: Transcending Project- Change LP
*2010: Lavender Ticklesoft-Oracles of Dimensions LP
*2010: Paris Bailea-4 Squares LP
*2010: East Winston Lake-Willows Pond EP
*2010: Akello & Coincidence-Breathing Room LP
*2010: Flick Brown-Pure Frailty LP
*2011: Lavender Ticklesoft-Organic Carebear LP
*2012: Akello & Coincidence-Breathing Room Instrumentals
*2012: Flick Brown-Pure Frailty Instrumentals
*2012: Flick Brown-Love Dairies EP
*2010: Oscillations Mix: 3:37am
*2012: Cassette Series #1-West Forsyth High
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