Zane Carpenter

General Secretary Zane Carpenter (centre) chairs a meeting of "Friends of Korea" flanked by Ha Sin Guk of the DPRK embassy in the UK and Andy Brooks of the NCP.]]Zane Carpenter (born 1958) is the general secretary of the . He was formerly a member of the Socialist Labour Party, and contested the Birmingham Northfield constituency for the party in the 2001 general election, garnering 151 votes.
Expulsion from the Socialist Labour Party
Carpenter was one of five members of the Socialist Labour Party's National Executive Committee to be expelled from the party on May 8, 2004, along with its entire Yorkshire Regional Committee without due process and for what those expelled claim was for attempting to engage in serious debate as opposed to petty personal politicking. This led to the formation, on July 3, 2004 in London, of the by many of those expelled - including Carpenter - and others who had resigned from the Socialist Labour Party due to the expulsions.
Political activity
Carpenter has served as the general secretary of the since it was founded in 2004. He is involved in solidarity movements with North Koreaand China, and has spoken out in support of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. He speaks regularly at meetings organised by the broad-based "Friends of Korea" campaign.
Unusual name
As Carpenter explained in an interview with the Washington Post website, his rather unusual first name was a result of his father's liking for the works of US author Zane Grey.
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