Vinster is a subculture of men and woman, typically in their 20's and 30's, that value the retro and vintage ideals. They have interests in the art forms of creativity, etiquette, innovation, and intellect. Their love of vintage is for the romantic ideals, artistic integrity, style, and etiquette.

The Style of a Vinster
The Vintster's style is an homage of Victorian to mid 20th century styles, selecting key items from those eras that interest them individually to create their own unique style. This does not mean that the Vinster is "showy" but that they carry themselves in a way that is presentable. This includes high care to personal hygiene, with it even becoming somewhat of an art form to many.
Unlike Dandies and Quaintrelles, Vinsters tend not to pull influence any earlier than the victorian period. Along with rejecting the title of Dandy and Quaintrelle, the Vinster also rejects any labels that include the terms indie and hipster. This is because the Viny sees themselves as a completely different sub-culture, and as having totally different styles, influences, and modes of conduct.
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