Tox is a prolific and widely known graffiti tagger on the London Underground, active since 2000. His tag consists of TOX followed by the last two digits of the year (eg. TOX 02), and can be seen many hundreds of times across above-ground sections of the network in Central London, particularly the Metropolitan Line. In a British Transport Police press release, he was labeled "One of the Tube’s worst graffiti vandals".

In March 2004, 19 year old Daniel Halpin, from Stockwell, was fined and subjected to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning him from using the London Underground, after CCTV footage had shown him writing TOX 03 on a wall at Gloucester Road station. The incidence of TOX tags notably decreased for a time.

TOX 04 tags were seen on photos released by ABC of the trains affected by the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

There have since been sightings of TOX 05 tags on the Underground. TOX 06 tags are also visible in certain places, including Bristol, Leicester and Brighton. They can also be seen in places such as Loughborough Junction railway station, although whether these tags were written by the same person or not is disputed. Sightings of TOX 06 have been also been seen on the Paris Metro, with fellow taggers KIZ and SAVE - these can be seen on Line 3, actually tagged on the tunnel wall a few hundred metres down the line from the nearest station, near the Gallieni terminus and also on the RER Line B out of Gard du Nord. TOX 06 can be seen on the exterior of Northern Line and Metropolitan line trains, written in paint removing solvent to leave his mark. He has also been spotted in Amsterdam, along with fellow UK graffiti artists IROK and SAVE.

As of February 2007, TOX 07 tags have also appeared in the area of Farringdon station on the London Underground.

A TOX tag can also be seen in one of the toilets of the restaurant of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and in a restaurant in Southall, London where a TOX03 is on the toilet door.
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