Tommy Car Wash Systems

Tommy Car Wash Systems is a privately owned American corporation based in Holland, Michigan. Founded in 1991 by industry veteran Tom Essenburg, Tommy Car Wash Systems creates, manufactures, and develops high-end car wash equipment and facilities. The company is represented in the Enhancement Group and holds patents for a number of automated car wash system components. Tommy Car Wash equipment and buildings are recognized by wide stainless steel arches, vaulted glass walls, and “rolled” acrylic roofing.
In 1969 brothers and Holland natives Jun and Sonny Essenburg opened a dual rollover-style car wash known as ‘Quality Car Wash’ located on 17th street in Holland Michigan. This car wash was later converted to an automated 60’ car wash tunnel. For the next several decades the Quality Car Wash brand continued to grow and expand in the West Michigan region, adding new locations and forging partnership and distributorship agreements with both Hana Car wash Systems and Peco Car Wash Systems. These distributorships and the brand’s rapid expansion led to development of new wash layouts using components from both.
Notable Developments
Flight Deck Design
Since 1990 Tommy Car Wash building designs have featured a unified operations center called ‘the flight deck’. The flight deck is in-line with the pay lanes and includes a cashier station as well as interior windows and control systems for monitoring the car wash bay and loading area.
Inbay Conversions
Beginning in 2010 Tommy Car Wash Systems has offered a renovation and refitting service for existing inbay car washes. The service converts the washes into small conveyorized washes with belt conveyors, friction cleaning modules, and detergent application arches. This conversion results in faster cleaning times without increasing staffing requirements.
Totally Tommy Building Designs
In 2008 Tommy Car Wash Systems announced plans to develop a new line of “Totally Tommy” integrated car wash buildings and equipment packages.
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