Hirondelles is located on 11° 3' 00" North 108°28' 00" East, 12° south of the Tropic of Cancer (23° 27’ North), 200 km and azimuth 70° from Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon in Vietnam.
Hirondelles has on 20 April and 23 August vertical sun position. Between 20 April and 23 August sun position is north - 1/3 of the year.
The Green Village Hirondelles is located in Binh Thuan Province near PHAN THIET - SOCIAL REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM
What is the Green Village Hirondelles?
The Green Village Hirondelles reacts to and gives environmental green impacts. Green Building Design, Tropical Architecture and Environmental Sustainability and Reliability in association with……
* tropical climate
* using infiltration of rainfalls
* using natural forces like wind and shade
* using adiabatic cooling systems
* disclaiming energy destroying houses, following energy efficient systems
* using pyrolysis and biogas systems for organic waste treatment
....will achieve in extremely reduction of greenhouse gas emission, will extremely responsible deal with water, keeps the nature, saves water, saves energy.
Hirondelles Master Plan Design and Clean Development Mechanism present energy saving of more than 50% and a Carbon Dioxide Neutral Village.
The Green Village Hirondelles is a private financed foundation project with a personal committed stringent GREEN DEMAND for all levels of population. The population target is about 7,000 people - predominantly half will be employees, the other half is divided in residents and guests / tourists.
The Green Village Hirondelles is proud to present and to get the intellectual support of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Development in Asia and Pacific. Hirondelles is actually the first and only one in Viet Nam.
Since endorsement of April 2010 Green Village Hirondelles is supported by the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Development in Asia-Pacific.
The UNESCO Chair is held by The University of Newcastle, Australia. UNESCO Chair Holder is Prof. Steffen Lehmann - The University New Castle Australia.
As one of our supporters, Prof. Volker Martin, BTU Cottbus Germany, emeritus Professor from BTU Urban Department supports the urban design and is member in the advisory board Hirondelles.
In the future Hirondelles symposium Prof. Steffen Lehmann is appointed as chairman, Prof. Volker Martin is appointed as vice chairman.
The Green Village Hirondelles is designed by highest professionals in Green Building Design from universities and private planners. Hirondelles is open designed, asks for best environmental contributions. Hirondelles makes its all research and results public in Hirondelles public workshops.
The Green Village Hirondelles gives people of Viet Nam like students, examinees, urban planners, architects, civil engineers and all interested audience the possibility to learn together about the benefits of the environmental aspects of Green Village Hirondelles.
Hirondelles invites in its public workshops and symposium especially students, examinees, urban planners, architects, civil engineers and all interested audience from Viet Nam and all other countries.
Green Village Hirondelles Urban Planning Schedule and Reports
Hirondelles Basic Research - start 12.01.2008
Master Plan V 1 - 06.05.2008 until 15.02.2009
Master Plan V 2 - 15.04.2009 until 01.12.2009
Master Plan V 2.1 - started 10.01.2010
Clean Development Mechanism - Green Building Design - done 15.02.2010
Green Village Hirondelles Summary - done 30.03.2010
UNESCO Chair - started 24.03.2010
Architecture Legal - started 15.02.2010
Village and Market Forum Concept - in process
Business Model - started 15.02.2010
Due Diligence - started 01.12.2009
Lifestyle Concept - in process
Sport Concept - in process
Windturbines Hirondelles - 16.06.2009 until 15.03.2010
Purpose of the Green Village Hirondelles
The Challenge of the acceptance of Green Design in Viet Nam is Hirondelles´ issue. Finally today Viet Nam stands in an Urban Development Challenge - it is the “Spread Out”.
First Level
There is the attraction of the BIG CITY, resulting in annual increasing of cities population, the Megacity gets born, like Megacity Ho Chi Minh. Some hundred thousands inhabitants, generally from the country side, annually follow this MAGNETISM.
This is the “Magnetism” - the “Gravity System” of the Megacity.
Second Level
People in the Megacity, like Ho Chi Minh City, getting more educated, earning more money, start to think more and more about pollution and lifestyle quality. People think about a “spread-out”, looking for better lifestyle and leave the city, almost escaping.
As Viet Nam has in a decade an increasing population of some million people, new urban developments are compulsory.
Third Level
Green Village Hirondelles is one of the "spread-out" targets, one of the "spread-out" solutions.
The Green Village Hirondelles is a private financed foundation project with a personal committed stringent GREEN DEMAND for all levels of population. The population target is about 7,000 people.
Hirondelles presents living quarter solutions for people with an education demand in Green Urban Solutions.
The purpose of Hirondelles is a Green Village for residents, guests and employees with a sense for environmental solutions.
Hirondelles Basic Data
*Total Land Hirondelles 2.471.896 m²
*Beach Front 1.775 m
*Cliffs Front 1.680 m
*max height South Hill 106 mASL
*designed real estate plots 1.047.667 m²
*designed built-up area 237.782 m²
*designed land use ratio 9,62%
*designed floor space 544.514 m²
*designed floor space ratio 22,03%
*Number of designed Hirondelles single plot projects = 357 plots/projects
*Calculated with 100% occupancy rate consumption of....,
*Drinking water 813.480 l/d
*Wastewater treatment 739.527 l/d
*Irrigation water (treated from 100% of the daily waste water demand) 665.574 l/d
*Electricity from renewable primary energy for steam turbines 7.665.000 kWh per year
*Electricity from other renewable energy turbines / generator 8.212.500 kWh per year
*max yearly waste production 1.470.399 kg
Hirondelles Inhabitants
*total population 100% occupancy rate 6.807 people
**residential 1.264 people
**guest 2.384 people
**employees 3.159 people
The 4 living quarters
Hirondelles Green Building Design and Master Plan created 4 living quarters. In addition commercial quarters for service companies and resort sector.
One of the quarters is office buildings in a high level environmental lifestyle - no pollution, quality for your business life, sea side, sport activities. Hirondelles Master Plan designed private plots and buildings, private flats in Market Forum and Village.
One of the quarters is residential buildings. People who like to live outside of the density city and like - for example - to work as freelancers / self employed in an environmental friendly area. Having outsourced jobs, working with a fast internet access and have daily life quality in Hirondelles. From time to time these residents will go for meetings to Saigon or Hanoi or other cities, but basically living in the Green Village Hirondelles.
Hotels and Guest Houses, Kindergarten and School
One of the quarters is guest and tourist buildings. Hirondelles Master Plan designed hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast in all categories from 1-star to 5-stars, as well as Kindergarten and school.
Employee accommodations
One of the quarters is for reasonably priced flats for employees. This part of population makes all service jobs in Hirondelles possible and they get the opportunity to rent or buy reasonably priced flats or to buy also plots for private houses.
Green Building Design and Hirondelles Life Style
Green Building Design has to have focus on people health. Only an unpolluted comfortable environment creates a healthy lifestyle. Conversely, a healthy lifestyle creates the awareness for an unpolluted environment. The Green Village Hirondelles Master Plan is defined with physical and mental health - body workout and intellectual issues - gym and museum - the main targets of Green Village Hirondelles.
Hirondelles Green Building Design and Master Plan offers for the 4 living quarters a healthy unpolluted Hirondelles Life Style.
Culture and sport, coffee shops, shopping malls, museum, exhibition and convention hall with possibilities for theatre and concerts, as well as conferences and symposiums.
The convention hall lobby presents a permanent exhibition about Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam. The museum presents a permanent local ethnics exhibition (about local ethnic people).
Hirondelles offers Traditional Medicine and Meditation Center, culture and ethic services in pagoda and church, associated with monastery. The Piazza has a Buddhist pagoda and Christian church, both with a daily service. On a west-side hill on 85mASL Hirondelles has a Buddhist pagoda tower and in the Green Valley at east-side a Christian Hermitage. The monastery offer Silentium for a day and/or night.
Hirondelles International Boarding School (HIBS) offers Kindergarten, Primary & High School services with a special focus on literature - humanistic and sport activities in the CAMPUS STADIUM.
Sport is one of the keys in Hirondelles. The natural golf course - irrigated by irrigation water from the waste water treatment plant. Spectacular hiking and biking tracks with 8 rest areas. All these rest areas have public BBQ with a gas grill, electricity, drinking water tap, toilet with a waste water connection, shower, emergency and service phone, outside catering service.
Hirondelles offers all common sport activities, especially all athletic sport in the Campus area, as well as all beach sports, sailing, and kitesurfing. Electric motorboat shuttles from beach to beach-rest area-stations at South Hill.
Horseback riding is provided in and outside of Hirondelles (operating by Hirondelles Security mounted staff ), electric All Terrain Vehicle adventures outside Hirondelles in the desert area, Cliff Climbing, and Cliffs Diving.
Market Forum and Piazza sports with Chess, Boules, on public green fields football (CAMPUS STADIUM Hirondelles has an official size football field), open air Badminton and Volleyball.
Hirondelles is a gated area. The central entrance is controlled by Hirondelles Security. All in and out coming people get registered and getting for personal identification and cashless payments the Hirondelles rubber wristband.
Residents can drive with their fuel operating vehicles to their garages. Guest and employees have to leave their fuel operating vehicles at the central park house and can use their own electric vehicles or can use the free of charge eCats or eTaxis.
Hirondelles Security public staff operates mainly as Hirondelles Security mounted staff. Especially Market Forum, Piazza and all beaches and hiking tracks are secured by the mounted security staff.
Hirondelles Master Plan Design and Clean Development Mechanism with Hirondelles Green Building Design as well as Tropical Architecture saves more than 50% energy compared to common urban design. The master plan design reduces extremely greenhouse gas emissions.
As the master plan designed an increasing of green fields and plantations, builds up the irrigation system operating 100% by treated waste water in (almost) drinking water quality, as well as designing an electric traffic system, Hirondelles is on the way to become a carbon dioxide neutral village.
Lifestyle and environmental does match together. Per example the spread-out happens with the higher educated population. This population will understand and except the clean development mechanism as well as green building designs and constructions. This is one of the purposes of Hirondelles to take this spread-out population and let them settle down in the Green Village.
Another purpose of Hirondelles is satisfying the wish for ecological friendly tourism in real ecological locations, hotels, and buildings. Tourists look more and more behind marketing facades and expect tasks. A green painting is too less. Western tourists companies are getting more and more sued by lying ecological marketing statements.
Hirondelles gives an honest ecological statement.
Visitor’s tax and Lifestyle
Clean Development, Green Building Design, all environmental issues are the key points, headlines and goals of the Green Village Hirondelles.
Hirondelles population has to except the environmental issues and goals. Some restrictiveness has to have compulsory excepted. To finance the public green issues a visitor’s tax for all Hirondelles residents, guests and employees is compulsory. But in total for residents, guests and employees the public green issue expenses will be less than individual expenses.
According to this visitor’s tax Hirondelles offers a high lifestyle quality. (See for better understanding urban green lifestyle examples especially some German, Austria and Swiss visitor’s tax communities.)
However, according to visitor’s tax Hirondelles offers……
*reasonable real estate price calculations, and a
*24 hours public emergency health and fire fighting system,
*24 hours public security with mounted security staff,
*24 hours public eCat taxi systems,
*24 hours public (mostly underground) parking for all electric vehicles,
*a continuously drinking water delivery per drinking water pipes to all plots,
*a continuously ecological waste water treatment until fresh water quality for a daily irrigation water,
*a daily rubbish disposal with an ecological treatment,
*public culture (concerts, theatre, museum) and
*sport possibilities as well as beach activities.
Stop one of these fairytales: Green Building Design cost more than a compared lifestyle design.
This is completely wrong. With intelligent forward-looking urban designs and with a sustainable outlook for our children, Green Building Design is inexpensive, saves our life and makes it livable.
Energy Systems
Hirondelles is designed with less than 50% of the common energy demand. Even by designing a continuously energy supply without the energy guzzling emergency aggregates in Asian houses Hirondelles saves about a ¼ of the energy demand.
High quality energy saving design is one of the key demands of Hirondelles. Clean Development Mechanism, Green Building Design with Tropical Architecture is a compulsory fact in all Hirondelles designs (read the Master Plan, CDM report, Legal report). Especially shade and wind, natural forces is an important demand of the Green Village Hirondelles.
Hirondelles consequent shade concept saves half of the sun rays impact. For Hirondelles buildings a polar circle diagram is compulsory.
Energy efficiency is in Hirondelles not only an empty word, Hirondelles is designed with renewable energy concepts. The electric basic demand is designed with about 2….3 MW covered by renewable energy steam turbines. The secondary energy part with about 4….5 MW is covered by renewable energy systems like wind energy and Pyrolisis / Biogas as well as solar panels and solar thermal systems.
High energy demand air conditions in Hirondelles are not designed. In Hirondelles Master Plan and buildings tropical architecture ventilation and adiabatic cooling systems are planned. These designs deliver same, even better cooling quality. But they need higher engineering knowledge but less consumption expenses.
Compulsory Hirondelles Architecture Legal stipulates insulated walls, roofs, windows by defined
3-way Water Systems
fresh water (drinking and grey water) - sewage water - irrigation water
Fresh water will be produced from 25 wells down to 70m deep. The annual groundwater production will decrease the groundwater level approximately 7 cm. According to the groundwater withdrawal Hirondelles rainfall concept collects rainwater in local trenches, sumps and basins and infiltrates 100 % rainwater into groundwater levels, instead of going into the ocean. The fresh water wells deliver drinking water (drinking water = continuously monitoring) and grey water (no monitoring).
Instead of the current local situation Hirondelles drainage concept infiltrates 100% of all 30 cm to 40 cm annual rainfalls. This is more than the double of the actually situation. (Hirondelles area is one of the lowest rainfall area in Viet Nam).
The water balance presents a positive impact to the groundwater situation.
Sewage water will be treated in a Membrane treatment plant up to (almost) drinking water quality. The daily treated water will be used in Hirondelles irrigation concepts to irrigate between 60ha to 100ha natural vegetation areas, public green fields and sport landscapes like the natural golf course and the Campus Stadium.
In total 100% of volume of the waste water will get recycled and used in the irrigation and energy (Pyrolisis) concepts (approximately 90% irrigation water and 10% Pyrolisis process for Biogas).
Buildings designed with tropical architecture designs. Buildings have ventilation systems with using wind chill factors as well as adiabatic cooling systems, working with grey water. Ceilings have cooling panels with grey water exchange systems.
Buildings get all drinking water connections as well as grey water, irrigation water and waste water connections. In Hirondelles bottled water is not offered.
Hirondelles Insulated Buildings
Office and commercial buildings will get designed with insulated walls, window and roof construction systems by defined k values in W/m²*K.
In Hirondelles Architecture Legal construction details will be compulsory displayed and defined k values W/m²*K.
Hirondelles Board compulsory consults each plot owner in Clean Development Mechanism and by defined k values in W/m²*K.
Ecological details (only some examples)
Hirondelles Fire department gets an audit about decontamination of fire water and treatment of demolished building materials. Contaminated fire water gets treated in Hirondelles waste water treatment plant.
Telephone transmitters get installed on Hirondelles water towers for less electronic smog emissions to humans. The Master Plan designed the public WiFi and 3G/4G system on exponential locations with less electronic smog emissions.
Public BBQs and rest areas designed with toilets (connected with the sewage water pressure pipes) and infrastructure connections like drinking water, gas, electricity, and telecommunication.
*Finally in Hirondelles Master Plan are some hundreds of ecological details designed.
*Hirondelles Master Plan is supported by several Green Building Organizations.
*Hirondelles is an example green village and supported by the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Development in Asia and Pacific, Hirondelles is in touch with several international housing and building organizations like the International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP).
*Hirondelles makes all green building designs public and gives students, examinees, architects, urban planners, engineers and experts the possibility to participate in all results and achievements.
*Join the UNESCO Chair workshops about the Green Village Hirondelles.
Again and remind
*Hirondelles gives an honest ecological statement.
*With intelligent forward-looking urban designs and with a sustainable outlook for our children, Green Building Design is inexpensive, saves life and makes it livable.
**Join Hirondelles - Hirondelles is a public village
Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam
May 2010
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