Thugstep (or Dirtystep, Hipstep) - is a type of music, developed in US in mid-00s. It is usually a Crunk or Hip-hop vocals over typical London Bass(Grime/Dubstep) beat .

In mid-00s London Bass sound gained some popularity over US nightclubs. DJ Nappy began mixing London Bass with Crunk. The mixing was such that an instrumental part was taken from Bass music, and vocal part were Crunk acapellas. Final masterings were usually put in Internet for free, so Thugstep took some attention on internet blogs about Crunk and London Bass. In 2008, Dabrye released Get Dirty EP on Ghostly International, considered Dubstep/Hip-hop recording.

Example tracks
*Lil Jon feat. Three 6 Mafia - Act a Fool (Nappy vs. Coki Dubstep mix)
*Dabrye feat. AG - Get Dirty

*DJ Tripz
*DJ Nappy
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