The Movement Snowboards

The Movement Snowboards was a creative, art driven snowboarding company existing from 1994 to 1998. A joint project founded by Matt Donahue, Mark
Hibdon, Chris Brunkhart, Dan Peterka and The Mildens, The Movement was arguably the most artistic brand of the mid-late 1990's with an innovative focus on independent art, music, fine-art photography and engaging design aesthetic in advertising and lifestyle. While independently headquartered in Tustin, California and Portland, Oregon, snowboards and equipment were manufactured by Solid Mfg. (USA) (1994-95), Elan Snowboards (Austria) (1995-97) and Mervin Manufacturing (USA) (1997-98).
Team Members/Family
Matt Donahue, Mark Hibdon, Chris Brunkhart, Dan Peterka, Scott Milden, Gibran Evans, Rudy Fahel, Neil Rankin, Andy Shotts, Kirby Phelps, Casey Savage, Travis Wood, Mike Swanda, Jeremy Huff, Seth Montfort, Jeff Krueger, Jason Carrougher, Jamie Heinrich, Alex Bacon, Mike Estes, Jason Paulson, Marty Sheppard, Todd Taylor, Gheena, Mike Parillo, Jamie Lynn, Kris Markovich, Ron Rico, Mike Cronk, Addison Elliot, Josh Umrick, Fasil Debeb, Justin Allison, Mia Pringle, Travis Johns, Nicolas Vaudroz, Randy Walker.
Renowned for revolutionary shapes, memorable logo and graphics, The Movement annual snowboard lineups were highly sought after. Initially conceived and engineered with the expertise and support of Jeff Krueger, original Movement designs included Solid Mfg. hand-assembled, wet-layup construction and industry unique large flat/shovel noses, smaller tail widths, enhanced sidecuts and generally flat side-profiles. These characteristics allowed the collection to closer resemble skateboard shapes and showcased the teams skate-influenced riding styles and freestyle aesthetic.
"A Birthplace of Ideas"
"Art in the Realm of Disguise"
"Life, Love, Liberation"
"Things that Bring Us Together"
"Ideological Aspirations"
"Cultivating a Velvet Revolution"
"Remember the Reasons for Love"
"This Is, After All, a Record of What's Happened..."
The remnants of The Movement include fond memories, vintage snowboard collections and the LP/catalog "Freeform: The Collective Sounds of The Movement" (1995) and CD/catalog "The Movement" (1997). Both albums were released in conjunction with annual catalog media and distributed primarily at SnowSports Industries America (SIA) events. While exceedingly rare, these albums/catalogs still exist within the vintage snowboarding subculture. Along with inspired imagery, artwork and product lineup, these albums
documented The Movement team's essence, passion, chemistry, idealism and artistic vision through experimental/art-punk sound expressions and photographic compositions.
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