The core ideology of socialism

The core ideology of socialism is a 12 words philosophy and a new official interpretation of Chinese socialism. Rich and powerful, democracy, literacy and brilliance, harmony; freedom, equality, justice, and nomocracy; patriotism, profession, honesty, and kindness form this new interpretion.
On November 2012, Chinese Communist Party announced the core ideology of socialism on its 18th meeting. Chinese president Xi Jinping also personally announced the same ideology in his speech at the symposium of Peking University.
There're 2 acts promoting this semi-philosophy. <The plan to brew and execute the core ieology of socialsm> by Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and <The instructive opinion about how to proceed in merging the core ieology of socialsm into ruling by law> by General Office of the Communist Party of China and General Office of the State Council
According to the research by Public opinion research center of Zhejiang, 97.1% of Local university students know about this philosophy. This research has been through 3 years, researching life feelings, ideology acception, faith index, social trust, and sense of security. Specifically, about the core ideology, there're 75.2% of public who know about it, those who know a lot or all of it are 35.7%. Among the university students,on 2014 84.0% of them know about it, on 2015 it's 94.4%, on 2016 it's 97.1%, and 51.0% of them know a lot or all of it on 2016.
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