Technochrist (born 26 April 1978 in Hannover, Germany) is a german DJ, music producer, record label owner and evangelist. Since 1994 he is a big pioneer inside the christian music world for christian electronic music. Till today he is a very popular DJ and producer in the christian music world.
In his youth Technochrist learned many music instruments and he got a musical education for some years. With the age of 16 he decided to become a christian with a living relationship to Jesus. Shortly after, Technochrist was inspired to produce electronic christian music. Till his 18th birtday he performed many shows in the Allgäu, South of Germany. Than DJ (Discjockey) Trancemaster introduced him to the record label DeepDanceRecords and after short time he was a member of the show Steve Clark. Together Steve, Michael and TC (Technochrist) performed in many clubs, among others in the Rockopera (today Arena), Nightflight (Airport Munich, Germany), Loveparade and the Union Move (Munich, Germany). Technochrist often acted as MC (Master of Ceremony) and he had a good contact to the crowd.
In 1998 Technochrist finished his first album (christian electronic), which was supported by a mastering of Big Daddy C. A CD review in the german youth magazine Teensmag enabled first national shows for Technochrist, also at the christian festival Freakstock. Since this year Technochrist always had an up-to-date internet site. After some more shows and a break Technochrist released the album "Way To God" (christian Trance) at "mwam-records" in the year 2005, which was again positive evaluated in the christian music world. Additional his record label "mwam-records" is one of the first record-labels for christian electronic music in the world.
In 2008 all music of Technochrist has been released online worldwide due to a contract of his record label. In the same time the youth magazine Teensmag published a whole page about Technochrist. Thereupon Technochrist released the new Single CD "Way To God - Remixed" (christian electro) in january 2009 and he pronounced further Single-CDs.
* 1998 - Album "Jesus Christ Is Cool" (mwam-records 2005, digital release 2008).
* 1999 - Live album "Freakstock 98 live" (mwam-records 2005).
* 2005 - Album "Way To God" (mwam-records 2005, digital release 2008).
* 2009 - Single "Way To God - Remixed" (mwam-records)
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