Tara Khase

Tara Khase (Star Falling) was an event that happened in 1940 and it is located near Salime Daha Gulmi.There are usually 10-20 tourists every week to find out what happened to Tara Khase. There are few people living nearby but there is a Sadu (Name:Chabilal Lamichane) living there for 10 years in old tree located near Tara Khase who tells what happened to Tara Khase. Now government have built a place for the sadu and built a temple near his house.
This event was cause by falling star this event was record in 1940 by Gurung Kings which were ruler of that place and few other people which were living at that place.
People Missing
There have been 3 record people missing from this event.
Media has criticise the Nepalese government for not protecting old sites and events.
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