Syed Rifat Mahmood

Syed Rifat Mahmood (May 3, 1944 - August 3, 2016, usually known as Syed Mahmood) is a businessman and politician in Northern California. He was the Republican candidate for California's 18th State Assembly district in the California State Assembly elections, 2000 and the Republican candidate for California's 13th congressional district in United States elections, 2002.
According to his campaign website in 2002, "Syed Mahmood was born in India and grew up in Pakistan... the eldest in a family of eleven children ... he immigrated to the United States in 1969." He is a past "president of United Muslims of America (U. M..A.), a California-based public affairs organization comprising Americans of many different ethnic backgrounds" and "played a key role in the erection of a house of worship for the benefit of all the East Bay communities". He is also the "founder of The American Institute of International Studies" and serves as President of that institution." He has served on "several community committees", appointed "by the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco". He has also served as an elected member of the Central Committee of the Alameda County Republican Party for a two-year term and as a nominated member for California State Republican Party's Central Committee for two terms. His campaign site went on to say that "he has worked for the Reagan and Bush presidential campaigns and served as one of the co-chair for Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Lungren."
Syed Rifat Mahmood is also the author of The American Revolution as Affected by the Muslim World - Economically and Politically - A Historical Assessment. According to one reviewer:
:"The American Revolution as Affected by the Muslim World is a fascinating read. Syed Mahmood explores in great depth many major events in American history, and chronicling his narrative to interweave Islamic influences. Given the nature of the past decade's political climate, Islam is rarely depicted as having a place in American history let alone being playing a major political and philosophical role in shaping what America is. It's refreshing to find a read that is not afraid to delve into the topic.
:"Mahmood does a fantastic job in chronicling many major American events: starting with the Revolutionary War and the founding fathers, then leading into America's historical practice of slavery, influence during the Civil Rights movement, and more modern relations with the Middle East. Mahmood's work shines as he connects these broad events over centuries as a single narrative that fits America. Historical claims made are very well cited, and is densely written with facts to support claims that are made."
* The American Revolution as Affected by the Muslim World - Economically and Politically - A Historical Assessment; Montezuma Publishing, (2014); ISBN 0744229189 / ISBN 978-0744229189
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