SYDCON, a gaming convention, is run by the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association. It is a "role playing convention that specialises in mainstream RPG games". The convention has been running since 1986.

The convention is held these days at St Scholastica's College in Glebe, New South Wales each year over the Labour Day Long Weekend.

The main purpose of the convention for the last twenty years has been for role-players to play prepared games or events in 3-hour sessions. SYDCON originally started out small but has grown to become one of the friendliest role-playing conventions in Australia. A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-top games (such as D&D) and ongoing campaigns (such as those organised by the RPGA), and free-forms (live-action games), and there will be a blend of new games and "Classic" ones: games that have run at previous conventions.

Players generally play in teams of four to six, although there is room for smaller or larger groups, and free-forms generally run with at least fifteen. Other types of games, including board games, miniature wargames, and collectible card games have been played at the convention.

The convention has been run at a number of locations throughout Sydney including Glebe High School and Newtown High School.
It has been organised by a number of different groups over the years, including, Pandemonium Inc, Labyrith Games, Pilgrim Games, UNSW Gamers, Shadow Games and the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association.
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