Suffering Silence

Suffering Silence are an alternative metal band from London, England.
Suffering Silence was formed in 2005 by Romina ("PyRo") Aileru and Anna Jevtic (former member). The band had been through many members before finally settling with the three current members consisting of:
*Romina ("Pyro") Aileru - Lead vocals, Guitar, Drums
*April ("Apes") Finn - Bass, Backing vocals, Artwork
*Frederick ("Fred") Dacanay - Drums
Suffering Silence's musical style has a combination of raw and clean vocals with rap style undertones mixed into heavy guitar riffs and hard driven drum beats. Their image mainly portrays themselves as animated characters (similar to Japanese Anime/Manga), drawn by the band's bassist April ("Apes") Finn. Apes's Art.
Suffering Silence's musical influences include Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Eminem, Pussycat Dolls, Zero 7, Muse, Green day, Lost Prophets, Dir En Grey and Timbaland.
As quoted by the band, Suffering Silence are 'Just a band with a plan, ending the silence with a little something we like to call music' . They have their debut album coming out soon. The release date is yet to be confirmed.

*Suffering Silence Demos (EP, 2007)
#"3rd Degree"
*Incognito (Debut album, Date TBC)
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