Stephania Gambaroff

Stephania Gambaroff (Director/Producer/ Writer of Power Lines) is an emerging artist filmmaker. In 2007 Stephania received the Toronto Urban Film Festival award for her film Power Lines (The New York Film and Video festival official selection). Power lines is a film denoting a philosophical aesthetics of information patterns. Depriving the digital image of its homogenous structure reveals groundbreaking results. Power Lines present us with raw and provocative vision(s) of the jeopardized digital data. With the new anthropomorphic and zoomorphic features unconstrained by gravity, the human body resembles a pictorial database of atoms and molecules, an imprint from a cyber nuclear flash, a system of abstract elements, a 3d scanner blueprint. PowerLines strongly engages and challenges the viewer to immerse the alternative universe of video. Power Lines premiered in New York at the legendary Village East Cinemas in March, 2008.
A graduate of the renowned Serov Art School in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Concordia University in Montreal Canada (BFA, Visual Arts) Stephania Gambaroff has been working and living in New York City as a sculptor/video artist since winter 2007. Gambaroff had two solo shows and several important exhibitions in New York, Canada, Europe and Russia. Gambaroff was recruited to work on the set of 300 by Warner Brothers and worked as an artist on Death Race 3000 by Universal Pictures . Gambaroff co-founded BadArtKills Productions, an artist run production company/space in Williamsburg . Her work is best described as synthetic: almost every one of her film synthesizes elements of traditional storytelling, experimental filmmaking and documentary. Art school was both fun and painful, but nonetheless it was a platform for me to gather my vision for the stories I want to tell. I traveled living in Lithuania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia and Canada and I've walked the path. My parents are artists from Saint Petersburg who taught me Life and Death in the Arts. I lived a lot and I saw things I will never forget. I work with the written and spoken word, video, performance, sculptures and drawings to deliver my tales. And I can boast that the technical aspect of my work is uniquely mine.
Right now I am working with Christopher Kralik on the final stage of the script for my first feature - a comedy/drama about the political conflict between Canada, Quebec and United States an its effect on the Montreal subcultures. We'll see how it goes
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