Jamie Rae

Jamie Rae (born August 8th 1986) is a director of feature films. He is based in the U.K., and often works with film producer Gene Fallaize and production designer Daniel Anscombe.
Early Life
Jamie Christopher Rae was born in the english town of Kettering, Northamptonshire on August 8th 1986. He attended Ise Lodge school, where throughout childhood he expressed an interest and talent in the arts. His love and talent for drawing shone through when he became runner up in a local comic book design competition in his hometown at around the age of 11. Rae studied Art all throughout school life, up until he began studying Contemporary Lens Media at the University of Lincoln in 2005. Some of his work remains hung at his Secondary School.
In 2002, Rae began his A-Levels and studied Art, Media Studies, ICT, Film Studies, and Film & Video. He stayed on for a third year to study the two latter subjects, and at the time Film & Video was not an official course the Sixth Form offered, so he tailored it to the guidelines and syllabus of the Art A-Level. Rae was the first student to study Film & Video as a course again in 4 years. By studying this, he realised his never-ending passion for filmmaking, and went on to enroll at University of Lincoln. Three years there taught him the fundamentals of filmmaking and introduced him to some lifelong friends and industry contacts.
One of the fellow students Rae bonded with was Daniel Anscombe. They worked together on their award winning horror short "8ight Limbs" (2008), which they both wrote, produced and directed, and now they regularly work together on productions, with Anscombe as a production designer. Their passion for film and the ideas they shared ensured a working relationship and friendship for life.
Film Production
In 2007, Rae met Producer Gene Fallaize, when he was interviewed for a role within Fallaize's film "Monkeyshine". From then on they quickly bonded and formed a srong friendship and working relationship. Fallaize took Rae under his wing, and made him the first Cupsogue Shining Star, as Rae demonstrated all the qualities of a professional filmmaker at such a young age. Because of his professionalism, Rae was fast-tracked by Fallaize through the Hollywood system, and was the first successful filmmaker born through Cupsogue Pictures' and Fallaize's "New Hollywood" idea, being given a shortcut through many roles on a production which would have normally taken years to achieve. After just one short and one low-budget feature, Rae is now a second-unit director on a full-scale Hollywood movie, thanks the the Shining Star program.

In 2006, Rae started his own production label, called Raezorcut, to attach to his short and feature films. This will soon make the leap from a label, to a full production company.
Rae is also affiliated with the New York Film Academy, through motion picture production company Cupsogue Pictures, where he is contracted as a Director For Hire.

Rae is currently working as second unit director on horror feature "The Summoning" (2009), directed by Stephen Hudis and produced by Gene Fallaize. He is slated to direct "Kanashibari" (2010); a suspense filled Japanese horror which is being written by regular associate Daniel Anscombe, and also produced by Fallaize.
* Let's Just Do It (2011) (2nd unit director)
* Kanashibari (2010) (director)
* The Summoning (2009) (2nd unit director)
* Monkeyshine (2008) (director)
* 8ight Limbs (2008) (short) (director)

* Kanashibari (2010) (in development) (executive producer)
* The Summoning (2009) (co-executive producer)
* Monkeyshine (2008) (executive producer)
* 8ight Limbs (2008) (short) (producer)

* Kanashibari (2010) (in development) (co-writer)
* 8ight Limbs (2008) (short) (writer)
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