Simtractor is a first-person farm machinery simulation, boasting a large community with active forums and fanbases. Technical support is provided by the official forum.

Simtractor is continually in development, with new versions bringing new features, improved graphics, and more machines, although there is a small charge for upgrading to newer versions. There are also free unofficial "skin" add-ons (texture replacements) and unofficial machine addons.

Single player
The single player part of SimTractor allows the player total freedom on the farm. A number of farming operations which can be carried out are:

* Harvesting wheat and grain
* Baling
* Mowing
* Swathing hay and silage
* Silaging maize and grass
* Ploughing
* Seeding
* Discing

The multiplayer aspect was included in the V3.66 but the current version (4.08) does not yet contain Multiplayer gameplay.
The multiplayer part of the game, currently free with the single-player game, allows you to form a team with up to three people to carry out any of the farming operations. While there are certain restrictions on what a "guest" can do, it is still perfectly possible to have your own virtual harvesting operation.

There has been much criticism about the multiplayer aspect of the game. There were a number of bugs in the game, including the now infamous "Big Bale bug". The majority of these have been ironed out in newer releases yet there are still a heavy number of minor bugs, deterring most of the community from playing online. There are also certain security issues inherent in this style of multiplayer gaming. However, with the release of the latest version, SimTractor 3.6X, these problems are significantly lowered.

Latest version
V4 is now out and ready to download. It feautures lots of new features such as snow in winter, more land, larger fields and more machinery such as the new sugar beet harvester, as well as a milk production utility at the farm. Also the trailer reversing bug has been fixed; now the trailers reverse 'properly' The game also features better graphics and much better in-game physics.

Latest fix
The latest sub-version (4.08) includes a Direct X installer with it for people having difficulties with in-game graphics. The new sub-version also includes a fix for the ground graphics bug that many people are experiencing.

Next version
Currently, a new version is being developed, Version 4. The new version, commonly referred to as 'V4' or 'ST V4', is set to have a whole host of new additions:

* New, larger fields
* Snow
* Another farmyard
* More machines
* Bug fixes, such as proper trailer reversing

A demo has been released demonstrating a few of the new features, and screenshots were added to the picture album on the official forum depicting some of these new additions. See
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