SHRUTO is a project of a non-profit organization "Generation For Bangladesh". This project aims to help the visually impaired people of Bangladesh. Visually impaired people of Bangladesh hardly get chance of enjoying books of various writers. SHRUTO helps by making audio books. Volunteers read out books of various writers with clear voice and proper pronunciation and record them. Make audio books and upload it to their site and it's absolutely free for everyone. They also supply this audio books to schools for the blind.
Story Behind the project SHRUTO
Sudeepto Saha, who is the founder of "Generation For Bangladesh", launched SHRUTO as their first project. At the age of 16, when he was a student of class 11 he founded it. It was founded on the month of February at the time of the "Ekushey Boi Mela" of 2016. Once Sudeepto Saha was visiting the Ekushey Boi Mela of his home district which is Khulna a renowned city of Bangladesh, he saw a young boy was reading book for his brother and after hearing the short description of the book his blind bother was telling him which one to buy. This incident brought the idea into Sudeepto's head which was making audio books for the visual impaired people. Thus he founded a website containing audio books for the helpless people whom were deprived from the enjoyment of reading books.
Members and Volunteers
There are six members in this project SHRUTO. Sudeepto Saha is chief of everything, Mahdy Musfiq Kamal and Tasfia Tahsin are content manager, Sourov Saha as the creative manager, Naeem Hasan and Al-Mubin Khan Nabil are the site and app developer of the project. There are more than 150 voluteers are working for making audio books for SHRUTO. Usually those volunteers are school, college or university's students.
Mission and Vision
The main mission and vision of SHRUTO is to give the profound peace & pleasure of mind to the visual impaired who are unable to read books. They can listen audio books from the site and get the joy of reading books.Moreover it is totally free.So it'll cost nothing to them.
# Sudeepto Saha got "Best Innovator Award 2017" from the District Commissionaire of Khulna district for his project SHRUTO.
# Sudeepto Saha got "Best Innovator Award 2017 " from the Divisional Commissionaire of Khulna Division for his project SHRUTO.
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