Sega Australia

Sega Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian subsidiary of Sega Europe Ltd which is apart of Sega Corporation Japan. Sega Australia was established in late 2007 after Sega Corporation decided to establish another Sega subsidiary in Australia after Sega Ozisoft Pty Ltd, the 1st Sega subsidiary in Australia was bought out by Infogrames which is now Atari Australia Pty Ltd. Most distribution of Sega's products in Australia was taken up by THQ Asia Pacific after Sega Ozisoft was bought out.

The Managing Director of Sega Australia is Darren MacBeth who was formerly the President of Ubisoft Australia Pty Ltd. The PR of Sega Australia is Vispi Bhopti who was formerly the PR for Nintendo Australia Pty Ltd, Emmanuel Bohlocks is the Financial Controller or Sega Australia who was formerly Take 2 Interactive's Australian Managing Director, Gareth Gower is the Marketing Manager who formerly worked at Universal Pictures Australia and EA Europe and Sales Manager is Ben Ward who worked for Monaco Corporation Ltd as the Sales and Marketing Manager which was the former New Zealand distributor of Nintendo Australia's products.

Sega Australia's first game to be released was Mario & Sonic at the Olympics.
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