Scott Levitt

Scott Levitt (born September 21, 1972 in Los Angeles, California) is a 2010 Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of California.
Levitt was raised in Southern California by father, Michael and mother, Gail. He has two older sisters, Michele and Helaine. Levitt’s father was a military police officer in the Army, and then worked for the City of Los Angeles until retirement.
Professional Career and Education
At the age of 22, Mr. Levitt graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach, the youngest to receive an MBA in school history. Prior to earning his Masters degree, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (also at Long Beach State) while making the Honor’s List.
Levitt is currently a licensed and practicing attorney in the state of California. In addition to being a member of the California Bar, Mr. Levitt was also sworn in to practice in federal court and the U.S. Supreme Court. While on scholarship, he earned his law degree from Chapman University School of Law with an emphasis in Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Law. Mr. Levitt is also a licensed real estate broker and general contractor.
Levitt is currently Chief General Counsel for the Fullmer Companies, based in Southern California. Prior to this position he was employed as a Senior Accounting and Finance Manager for a residential real estate development/contracting company. Scott Levitt has also taught college courses in finance and law at Chapman University and Cal Poly Pomona.
While working in the legal world, Mr. Levitt returned to school to pursue a Masters in Law degree (LL.M.) with a specialization in Business Law and Economics under the direction of Nobel Prize winning economist Vernon Smith.
Levitt has stated in an Anti-Tax speech in Oceanside, California on April 10, 2010, that ‘there is not a revenue problem in the United States of America, and there is certainly not a revenue problem in the richest state…California. There is an absolute spending crisis.’ He is also quoted as saying ‘half of Hollywood has left the capital of entertainment because of taxes.’
Levitt’s political campaign is based upon a platform of cutting taxes, government accountability and creating a better environment for the expansion of business within California..
Levitt was involved in a zoning controversy in Seal Beach, California in 2006 when he proposed to build a 3-story condominium building a block away from the beach. A number of citizens protested, stating that they did not want their town to have the same problems as Huntington Beach does, where one opponent described the view as "Vista del Condo." When the city would not approve the plans for the condo, Levitt begin building a duplex on the site, with the same floor plan and number of floors as the original plans. The city was unable to prevent this structure from being built, and subsequently approved the condo construction plans. The city then passed a moratorium on the construction of 3-story building, with Levitt's father Michael, a Seal Beach council member, casting the lone dessenting vote. The moratorium did not affect Levitt, who had already built his structure.
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