Scooter polo

Scooter polo is a team sport for 2 or 3 players on each team. As the name suggests all players are mounted on push scooters (such as a or JDBUG and attempt to put a ball (most commonly a hockey or street hockey ball) in the other teams goal using different styles of mallets. The game is believed to have originated as an alternative to Urban Cycle Polo, but a safer, easier game.

The Game

Scooter polo is played on a rectangular court, with no set dimensions but ideally 20% longer than a basketball court, and the same width. Players use different equipment for their positions, or roles in the game. In a two on two game each team has two different styles of equipment to choose from, one is a long wooden tennis racquet, and the other a one-handed tennis racquet. In three on three matches the teams have an extra choice of mallet, a style similar to that of Urban Cycle Polo mallets. Players can only play the ball if they have one foot on their scooter but a penalty is not enforced if a player steps off his scooter. Players are allowed to hit the ball with their scooter, and goals resulting from this are called "tip-ins" or simply scooter goals. If the ball strikes a player on a foot that is off his scooter a free-hit is awarded against him. Players are allowed to take free hits with both feet off the scooter, or can play-on if they choose. Play is started by a hit backwards to a team-mate.
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