Santa Monica bicycle path

The Santa Monica bicycle path is an Class 1 path in Los Angeles County running from the North at Temescal Canyon to the South at Washington Boulevard in Venice. The entire path is on the beach, affording beautiful views, mixed with the hazard of beachgoing pedestrians who do not respect the boundaries of the path.
The South end links to The Strand through a series of Class 2 and Class 1 paths beginning where the path ends at Washington Boulevard. Cyclists can reach South Bay by turning to the East and following the Class 2 lane until passing Palawan Way. There is a small Class 1 path on the right, just past the bird sanctuary, which travels along Admiralty Way. Turning onto this class 1 path and crossing to the library leads to Fiji Way, which has a class 2 lane that can be followed through Fisherman's Village and to a roundabout at the end. Following the roundabout leads to a Class 1 path on the right, which leads to an extension of the Ballona Creek bicycle path. Turning right on Ballona Creek leads to a bridge at Pacific Avenue. Turning left on the bridge, crossing the water, and turning right leads to the North end of the Class 1 Strand.
Entry points and parking
Parking is available all along the beach. Entry points are continuous throughout the path.
Future plans
Current condition
Future plans
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