Calaveras Road

Calaveras Road is a road in Milpitas, California, USA that begins at the western end of Milpitas as Calaveras Boulevard. The road winds through the eastern foothills and ends at Sunol.

When State Route 237 crosses Interstate 880, it turns into a local route and becomes Calaveras Boulevard. The Calaveras overpass is located between Abel and Milpitas and passes over a system of railroads. Built in the 1960s, many historic buildings had to be demolished in order for the overpass to be built. The overpass descends towards Milpitas Boulevard, where the new Milpitas City Hall stands. Milpitas Boulevard is also the point at which West Calaveras Boulevard becomes East Calaveras Boulevard.

East of Interstate 680, Calaveras Boulevard goes through residential neighborhoods and then becomes Calaveras Road. At the intersection with Piedmont Road, Calaveras Road narrows into a one-lane road and winds up into the foothills of the Diablo Range. As it winds alongside Arroyo de los Coches, Calaveras Road heads into Ed R. Levin County Park and heads on further to meet Felter Road. There, Calaveras Road ceases to continue going east and turns north into the Calaveras Valley. After winding downhills and going past Calaveras Reservoir, Calaveras Road becomes a flat, straight road. The road travels parallel to Calaveras Creek through a wooded valley Calaveras Road ends at the town of Sunol. According to Google Maps, the distance from Piedmont Road & Calaveras Road in Milpitas to Calaveras Road's end in Sunol is 16.4 miles or a travel time of about 32 minutes. At its height Calaveras Road reaches a little over 1,100 feet.
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