Roblox, a free online game created in 2006, revolves around virtual Places created by players. Roblox is still in Public Alpha, despite having over 300,000 members. Using Roblox Studio or Solo Mode, users piece together interconnecting blocks, much like those used in popular Lego sets. Some minor differences occur, such as what holds the pieces together (Studs, Welds, Glue), how the piece interacts with the environment (CanCollide, Friction) and how the piece behaves in general (Anchored, Locked).

ROBLOX also allows for in-game coding using Lua. Lua can create simple scripts such a dissapering brick, to a complicated flying machine. Not many users of the community can use the Lua language, but due to Model Sharing, the vehicles are made freely to anyone in the community. Lua also codes everything except the physics.

Players also have the option to buy a feature called "Builders Club", which gives the person special upgrades such as the ability to create 10 places, the ability to sell shirts, and the ability to earn Robux. Non- Builders Club players earn Tickets. Players can earn Tickets/Robux by getting their Place visited, or simply by logging in. (Players who subscribe to Builders Club earn 15 Robux a day, even if they don't sign in.)

Players can customize their avatars. They can change their character's colors, or wear Shirts, Pants, or Hats. Players can upload their own shirts and pants, but Hats must be bought with Tickets/Robux. Some hats can be bought with both. The Hats are constantly being taken on and off the Catalog, and their prices change from time to time. Players can earn different badges for things they achieve in ROBLOX. They can earn fighting badges, place visit badges, and many more.

The ROBLOX developers occasionally hold contests, usually based on how well someone constructs something, with the exception of the "Builderman's place design contest", where players had to design a level for ROBLOX's main character, Builderman. Before Builders Club became public, the contest's prize would be a subscription to Builders Club. Now they give out Tix/Robux prizes, or even Hats on occasion. ROBLOX so far has had Fighting contests, Funny Video contests, Building contests, Egg Hunting Contests, Picture Contest. and even Place Design contests. Most contests are announced on the Developers blog, A.K.A the Roblog. currently the contest is done but prizes will be awrded on monday april 28 2008

Currently, Roblox is holding a contest called Spring Block Party. It is a general, all-around contest. It is mostly a Picture contest, but you can also upload a News Article too. They will give out prizes to the participants, and more to certain players who make it on the Ro-Blog.

ROBLOX Studio is the most used and recommended way to build and edit a place. Players can activate/deactivate the physics in this mode, and also build with undo options. Players can also build and edit in Solo mode, but if something falls, there is no way to fix it. Also, the camera is much more versatile in Studio. The camera can fly through anything, and turn anywhere. When editing in Solo mode, the camera follows the player, giving less perspective on construction.
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