Robert-Alain MOMNOUGUI

Robert-Alain MOMNOUGUI (born 22 October 1968, Yaoundé) is a state telecommunication engineer, an author and a columnist in the application of technology to sustainable development.
Published books
* [ Impact du cloud computing: Sur les régulations africaines des télécommunications - ISBN 3841799221]
* [ Management en mode virtuel en environnement de télécommunications: Contributions aux modèles, et outils décisionnels stratégiques de TIC pour Organisation en développement ]
* Member of The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation Alumni Group
*Member, researcher and Assistant lecturer in Technology University Institute of Douala University 1997-1999
*Researcher in Advanced School of Polytechnic of Yaoundé
*Executive Researcher Manager in Telecommunication Regulatory Board of Cameroon
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