Quranic software

Quranic software or Quran software is a group of computer applications designed to read, study and listen various recitations of various eminent Quran reciters and memorize. Quranic software programs are similar to e-book readers in that they include digitally formatted books, may be used to display a wide variety of inspirational books and Quran, and can be used on portable computers. However, Quranic software is geared more toward word and phrase searches, accessing study Quran notes and commentaries, referencing various modern translations, cross-referencing similar passages and topics, Qur'an dictionaries, original language texts and language tools and other e-books deemed relevant to understanding texts from a theological approach.
Qura software varies in complexity and depth, depending on the needs of users, just as the purposes of the users. Basic Qur'an software is typically aimed at mobile phones, and is designed to simply display the text of Qur'an translation, with word and phrase searches as the only available tool. More advanced packages run on personal computers and boast far more features, display a wider variety of theological resources and may offer features such as synopses, morphological and syntactical searches of Qur'an text, sentence diagramming, user notes, manual and dynamic highlighting, lectionary viewers, etc.
Mobile Applications
* Quran for Android from quran.com
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