Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a driver updater software developed by IObit to maintain hardware devices by updating and installing outdated, missing, and faulty drivers for common users. It is available for Microsoft Windows.
According to the official website, Driver Booster can update over 400,000 drivers.
Although Driver Booster searches for tested WHQL drivers, it is recommended to only install drivers that are published by the same company as the previous driver to avoid potential issues.
Detect outdated drivers
According to the default setting, the software automatically runs a scan to detect outdated drivers each time the user launches it. Users are allowed to customize this setting by scheduling a daily, weekly or monthly scan too.
Retrieve & update drivers
Based on cloud library as claimed by the developer, the software is able to automatically retrieve the driver installation files. After downloading the files, once the user selects the outdated driver items and clicks update, the software will batch update the selected drivers.
Create system restore point
Due to possible risks of updating hardware drivers, “System Restore” feature was designed as a remedy solution for PC problems if the user installs a wrong driver. The system restore point will be created automatically by the software for safe restore when user updates a driver.
Improvements and Upgrades
Driver Booster is relatively new software developed by IObit with a short history dating from 2013. The initial version includes basic features of detecting and updating drivers.
* In Version 2, released in 2014, improvements include expanded driver database, driver roll-back, plugged/unplugged devices, enhanced rescue center and more language packages.
* Year later, in 2015, Version 3 was released. This version added Windows 10 support, further expanded database and added several new features, including auto download and search feature. New UI was also introduced.
** Version 3.1, released the same year as main version, added support for higher resolutions, several tools to fix computer issues and fixed bugs.
** On January 2016, version 3.2 was released. This version introduced Toolkit, used to access all computer fixing tools. Several new driver updates were added and software was further optimized.
** On March 2016, version 3.3 was released. This version added support for Oculus VR drivers, as well as new CPU and GPU updates.
** On May 2016, version 3.4 was released. This version shortened download times, optimized driver installing and introduced support for more CPU, GPU and audio drivers.
** On July 2016, version 3.5 was released. This version added new driver updates and optimized product flow. This is also the latest stable version available.
*Driver Booster Version 4 was released on October 2016. This major update added full support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, new UI, expanded database and optimized several features. Also, 'Ignore this update only' feature was added.
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