Queen Mary Somali Society

Queen Mary Somali Society

Queen Mary Somali Society is a student organisation afflicated to Queen Mary Students' Union, which is a part of Queen Mary, University of London. It was established in September 2003, by a group of students at the University.

Queen Mary Somali Society is a student-run society with more than 50 active and dedicated members, Queen Mary Somali Society pledges to unite all Somalis and students of all nationalities by forging friendships while also seeking to establish a platform for networking and facilitating a cross-cultural understanding of Somalia's diverse multi-cultural heritage.

As an Independent, non-partisan, non-political organisation, Queen Mary Somali Society is committed to promoting the free exchange of ideas, freedom of expression and the unrestricted pursuit of unity and cohesion among its members and the wider community. Additionally Queen Mary Somali Society intends to enhance and advocate increased intercultural dialogue between Somalis and individuals from other nationalities and ethnicities.

The society is committed to celebrating Somali cultural customs by organising functions, events and meeting that promote and foster an appreciation of these themes and to make members and non-members familiar with these customs. To achieve these goals the society holds regular meetings and discussion forums.

Queen Mary Somali Society aims to establish more links with Somali organisations and in particular among Somali student and community organisations based in the UK. Again its crucial to emphasis that Queen Mary Somali Society remains an independent society, despites its current and foreseeable affiliations with other organisations.

Committee Members

*President Abdifatah Hersi
*Vice President Lillian Lee
*Treasurer Nasra Yusuf
*General Secretary Nadra Musa
*Co-ordinator Awale Elmi

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