Pocket Slam

or Slam Pocket is a non-profit fan crossover wrestling fighting game (mostly on SNK and Capcom characters) released on Game Jolt and developed by a Brazillian student called Ulisses Lopes Da Silva (Ulisan). The game is on its early access so it is currently in development.
The gameplay is based on a wrestling game called Saturday Night Slam Masters, an arcade game released in 1993 and developed by Capcom but with a 2D perspective. Pocket Slam features a total of 8 characters (wrestling-type characters) including 2 secret characters which are shown while playing through Arcade mode and one of which rival character and a final boss. The elements of the art style the game has is based on such games like SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999.
Pocket Slam also includes Versus mode but it requires exactly two players and Team versus also remains the same but with teams of two combatants.
Not all characters are from both SNK and Capcom but one of the secret characters are outside those universes. The game is currently on its first season of characters as Season 2 characters is under development as an update patch for the game.
Season 1 Characters
*Gunloc - Saturday Night Slam Masters
*Clark Still - Ikari Warriors/King of Fighters
*Hugo - Final Fight/Street Fighter
*Angela Belti - Power Instinct
*Rainbow Mika - Street Fighter
*Raiden - Fatal Fury
*Zangief - Street Fighter
*Griffon Mask - Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Secret Characters
*King (Rival) - Tekken
*Victor Ortega (Final Boss) - Saturday Night Slam Masters
Season 2 Characters (Upcoming)
*Alex - Street Fighter
*Angel - King of Fighters
*Bewoulf - Skullgirls
*Antonov - King of Fighters
*Astro/Scropion- Saturday Night Slam Masters
*Darun Mister - Street Fighter EX/Arika
*Mike Haggar - Final Fight
*Muscle Power - World Heroes
*Ramon - King of Fighters
*Shermie - King of Fighters
*Wolfgang Krauser - Fatal Fury
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