Planetary Studies Foundation

Planetary Studies Foundation otherwise known as (PSF). Planetary Studies Foundation is a public non-for profit organization created in 1989. Planetary Studies is focused primarily around the study of meteorites and meteorite collection.
Paul Sipiera- Paul Sipiera holds a bachelor in History, and a
Ray Moehrlin- Ray Moehrlin holds a Doctorate of Arts in Mathematics.
Meyer Rudoff- Meyer Rudoff was a professor of Architectural Technology at Harper College.
1990s<ref name":0" /> ===
In 1991 PSF led a solar eclipse expedition to Mexico.
In 1994 PSF held a solar eclipse viewing in Illinois.
In 1998 PSF coordinated a cruise to view the eclipses in the Aruba/Curacao Caribbean area.
In 1998 PSF organized a meteorite expedition to Antarctica.
The 1st Reference can be found under the "About PSF" Page
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