Jonathan Schofield

Jonathan Schofield (born in Rochdale in January 1964) is a Freelance Food Critic, Manchester Tour Guide and Manchester Historian.
Formerly Editor of Manchester Confidential he is now Editor at Large of the online lifestyle magazine and a Manchester Tour Guide.
He is also public speaker, a town and city identity consultant and a freelance writer on tourism, architecture, public art, history and food and drink. He was Highly Commended at the Manchester Tourism Awards 2005 for the Best Tourism Experience of the Year in Greater Manchester (awarded for guiding services). His award-winning tours have included Radical Manchester, the Incredible Interiors, Chetham’s Library and Medieval Buildings, Engels in Manchester, London Road Fire Station tours and many others.
Jonathan Schofield is the official guide for the world famous Manchester International Festival. He has taken 104 different nationalities around the North West of England.
He has been has interviewed, been interviewed by, or guided (aside from Melvyn Bragg), Michael Portillo, Katharine Viner, Michael Wood, John Prescott, Sir Alex Ferguson, Annie Lennox, Alistair Campbell, Robin Smith, Sir Terence Conran, Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley and many other people.
Katharine Viner, Editor of The Guardian, said of his tour, “An ace walking tour, witty, informed and hugely entertaining, that underlined the links between Manchester, as the place of The Guardian’s birth, and the newspaper today for all the editorial team.”
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