Pir Hadi Abdul Mannan

Pir Hadi Abdul Mannan (born 15 January 1947) is a journalist, writer, poet, philosopher, and Islamic scholar.
Born in Allo Mahar Sharif Tehsil Daska, District Sialkot, he received his master's degree in Urdu from Punjab University Lahore. He started his religious career with his great religious scholar father Hazrat Khalifa Mohammad Saeed. After the death of his father he delivered some speeches on the topic of Khalifa Mohammad Saeed's work on Islam.
Religious career
Pir Hadi abdul Mannan started his religious career with his great religious scholar father Hazrat Khalifa Mohammad Saeed. After the death of his father he delivered some speeches on the topic of Khalifa Mohammad Saeed’s work on Islam. Since then he has led a very active life, teaching, preaching, writing and speaking on Islam. Journalism, Literature and preaching Islam are an essential part of his life. He was baptized by his father Khallifa Mohammad Saeed and also received spiritual guidance from the great Islamic religious scholar, Khatib-ul-Islam Hazrat Sahibzada Syed Faiz-ul Hassan Shah Sahib, religious scholar of Suni Islam. Pir, poet, and orator. He learned the art of speaking by listening to the speeches of Khatib-ul-Islam.
Literary career
He wrote two books of poetry, one in Punjabi language and second is in Urdu. He wrote three prose books.
#One consists of short stories with one novelette
#The second is criticism in literature.
#The third is translation of a Novel "Mother" (by Maxim Gorki) from English to Punjabi. Total five literary books.
His poetry was critically evaluated by several leading scholars of Urdu and Punjabi including Mehmood Sham, Arif Abdul Matin, Dr. Rasheed Anwer, Dr. Nisar Turabi and Kanwal Mushtaq. He uses his poetry to raise a voice against the ills of society. It is a poetry that set new trends in Punjabi and Urdu poetry. His poetic biography was written by Ghulam Mustafa in Melay Mitran Dey (Friends Festival) a Punjabi biography of Punjabi Poets.
His Punjabi poems have also been translated into Urdu and English
Journalistic career
Pir Hadi Abdul Mannan is a senior journalist in the Daily Jang, the largest circulated daily newspaper in Pakistan. He started his journalistic career with his father Khalifa Mohammad Saeed who started a monthly journal MEHWAR-R-HAYAT from Sialkot in 1966. He was also a member of Editorial board of the Monthly Talash-e-Haqeeqat Sialkot. In 1990 he was in charge of Editorial Edition of the Daily Pakistan. In 1992 he joined the weekly Hurmat Islamabad. In 1993 he was the in charge of Sunday Magazine of Daily Al-Akhbar, Islamabad. In 1997 he joined Daily Mashriq Peshawar. He joined Daily Jang Rawalpindi in 1999, where he is now a senior journalist.
*SHEHR SMANDAR (Punjabi Poetry) The first edition of this book was published in 1977 by Al-Haroof, Lahore and second edition was published by Rozan, Gujrat in 2007.
*KHUN, NAAB (Urdu Poetry) under publishing.
*AKHRI HISAAR (Short stories & Novelette) Script form.
* MAZAMEEN (Articles on different topics) in Script form.
*GUFTAGOO (Interviews from different political, Social and Literary personalities) in Script form.
*TARIKH-E-PAKISTAN KI JULTI HUI SA'ATAIN (Investigating reports on different incidents) in Script form also.
He is descendant of Hazrat Khalifa Mohammad Saeed Naqshbandia Mujdadiya Siddiqia of Allomahar Sharif, grandson of Hazrat Khalifa Mohammad Rafique and grad grandson of Hazrat Khalifa Mohammad Siddiqua. His maternal grand father Hazrat Molana Mohammad Hussain Pusroori was also a great saint and religious scholar. Pir Hadi Abdul Mannan has six more brothers (Total seven brothers) and four sisters. His wife Najia Naheed Hadi is also a writer. She has written many articles for children and she is the editor of Waqar-un-Nisa noon girl’s higher Secondary School’s organ AL-WAQAAR. He has only one son, who received his master's degree in Economics and now he is preparing PhD in Economics.
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