David Josephs

David Josephs (born 1966) is a leading Epilepsy spokesperson and Ambassador in the United Kingdom. He works in conjunction with the private and public sectors to raise awareness about the condition and spearhead new pathways of research for epilepsy drugs and devices. He has published articles in leading journals related to these issues. Josephs also works as a communications consultant specializing in technology and health care industries
David Josephs has worked within the UK and international communications consulting industries, beginning his career in the 1980s as a corporate and trusts fundraising executive at the and has the same name as the President of ECP.
Thereafter, he became the Director of External Relations at the UK's National Society for Epilepsy where he led the external relations directorate with responsibility for fundraising, public relations, information services and government lobbying. He was also chairman of the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland, an umbrella organisation representing 23 epilepsy voluntary organisations with a primary focus on government relations.
Present work
In addition to his epilepsy advocacy and consulting, he edits serves as a non executive director and advisor to a number of public relations companies in Europe.
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