Pierre Picault

Pierre Picault (born February 27, 1899) is, at age 109, France's oldest man and one of two remaining French World War I veterans, along with Fernand Goux. He was born, and still lives, in Bou, Loiret, and like Goux, joined the war in April 1918. He is not currently acknowledged as a poilu by the French government, as he is not proven to have met the strict official criteria, but this may change, as further investigations are pending. The last recognized veteran is still, therefore, native Italian Lazare Ponticelli, who received a state funeral on March 17, 2008, with Louis de Cazenave the last French-born man whose service is acknowledged.

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1. 01-08-2009 03:42
Pierre Picault died back on November 20, 2009, aged 109. By the way, Fernand Goux was the other "claimed" World War I veteran; he died nine days prior to Picault's decease, or November 9, 2008; he was 108.

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