OnFumes(Online Network For Urban Media Entertainment Services) is an interactive Video Hosting / Video On Demand website that allows users to view and share classic & contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B music videos. OnFumes is co-founded by Hip-Hop broadcasting pioneer and legendary host of Video Music Box, Ralph McDaniels. Onfumes.com was officially launched in July of 2008.

The New York-based video hosting service uses Adobe Flash technology to showcase music video content from McDaniels’ collection of over 20,000 hours of music videos and artist interviews spanning Hip-Hop’s 30-year history.

The OnFumes catalog includes a collection of Hip-Hop and R&B music videos, artist interviews and live performances from the early 1980s to the present day.

Registered users are permitted to view videos, create and share personal playlists and comment on content featured on the site.


Ralph “Uncle Ralph” McDaniels (born Brooklyn, NY) is a hip-hop culture pioneer, entrepreneur and visionary who created Video Music Box. McDaniels became more commonly known as “Uncle Ralph” in 1995 when Kool DJ Red Alert started calling him that on his radio show.

McDaniels is President of Uncle Ralph Productions, an on Air- Personality at New York’s WQHT Hot 97, Executive Producer and host of and co-founder of OnFumes.

Technical notes

Video format

The OnFumes Video Player offers allows users to switch between the available channels and simultaneously watch the videos in their playlist at the same time.

OnFumes video player uses Macromedia's Flash Player, AJAX and XMLand is compatible with Safari and Firefox.

Audio format

OnFumes videos contain an MP3 audio stream. By default, it is encoded in mono at a bit rate of 64 kbit/s sampled at 22050 Hz, giving an audio bandwidth of around 10 kHz. The default bit rate delivers passable but not hi-fi audio quality.
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