Olivier Novasque

Olivier Novasque is a French entrepreneur, born 28 August 1968 in Montpellier. He is the founder and CEO of Sidetrade, a software company specialized in SaaS and the leading global provider of Predictive Sales-to-Cash solutions.
Olivier Novasque graduated from the Toulouse Business School (entrepreneurship branch) and obtains an MBA (Master Business Administration) in 1992.
Nurtured by an entrepreneurial spirit, he joined the association Tech in France as VP and becomes a member of Seed4Soft (Venture Fund specialized in Software & Big data).
Olivier Novasque starts its career at Bouygues, in 1992.
In 1995 he joins GE Factofrance, a branch of General Electric Capital Finance, where he learns accounts receivables financing and specializes in financing the WCR of digital companies.
In 2000 he creates Sidetrade in the middle of the Dot-com bubble. He wants to build a unique and innovative offer in finance services, which differs from accounting information systems as ERP applications and Excel sheets, often used in credit management.
He secures Sidetrade's initial public offering in 2005 on NYSE Alternext.
In 2011, Sidetrade acquires Cashback, auditor specialized in finance and litigation. As President of the Board, CEO and majority shareholder, Olivier Novasque is the face and voice of the company for its investors.
Driven by his will to accelerate value creation and international expansion, Olivier Novasque decides to open Sidetrade to Europe with a first subsidiary in England in 2011, a shared-services platform in Dublin in 2013 and a subsidiary in the Netherlands in 2015.
In November 2016, Olivier Novasque drives the acquirement of BrightTarget, a British start-up specialized in Artificial intelligence. A month later, Sidetrade announces the acquisition of IKO System, a French start-up specialized in predictive sales automation solutions. The goal is to strengthen Sidetrade as key player in the European predictive field.
Company management
To drive Sidetrade's growth strategy, Olivier Novasque works with experts in Finance, IT, performance, Sales and Marketing.
Aware of the importance to focus on new talents to develop the company, Olivier Novasque engages a successful recruitment process to reach 200 employees in 2016.
The international environment of the group enabled a network organization and cross-countries shared responsibilities. This structure promotes experiental learning, innovation, collaboration and highlights the employees' skills and contributions. In this respect, all Sidetraders are actively involved in sustainable social innovation.
Other activities
Olivier Novasque is Vice President of Tech in France and, in a personal capacity, a venture capitalist via Seed4Soft.
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