Olisa Odele

Olisa Odele (born 14 November 1994) is a British actor who attended Salcombe Preparatory School. He appeared for two series in My Parents are Aliens where he played C.J. He is a small, quiet boy who was rescued from being run over by 'SuperBrian', a.k.a. Brian Johnson wearing a cape. He turns out to be an orphan from the children's home and is adopted into the family because he finds out about Brian and Sophie being aliens and threatens to report them. C.J. generally takes on the role of Brian's 'sidekick', and is involved in many of Brian's ridiculous schemes and mad ideas. He studied Musical Theatre at the Brit School Of Performing Arts and performs in the West End regularly.
He stars as Tracey's friend Ola in E4 comedy series Chewing Gum.
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