MonoX is an ASP.NET portal framework for building Web portals and applications on Microsoft platforms developed by Mono Software. The second version was rewritten from scratch to support new ASP.NET 2.0 features, including Web parts, personalization, master pages, themes and provider models. MonoX introduces an open and standards-compliant architecture that allows integration of custom ASP.NET controls without the need for a proprietary API.

MonoX runs on ASP.NET 2.0 and newer versions and uses Microsoft SQL Server (2005, Express, or newer versions) as a back end DBMS. It fully supports the Web parts technology, but it does not require Microsoft SharePoint server to use it.

The initial version of MonoX was published in 2004 and contained many of the features that were later included in the official release of ASP.NET 2.0: support for interactive editing, drag-and-drop layout changes, and personalization . However, it has used a custom API and was not compatible with later Web technologies (Ajax, Web part API, master pages, provider models). The second version is fully standards-compliant and is built on top of Web part framework.


* Full support for the ASP.NET Web part framework
* Commitment to W3C standards
* Scalable data access layer based on the LLBLGen Object-relational mapping engine
* Open API
* Provider-based architecture
* Support for localization
* Personalization infrastructure
* Browser-based administration
* User-friendly Web 2.0, WYSIWYG interface
* Support for Windows Live Writer and other MetaWeblog API tools
* Easy integration with third-party solutions (blog, forum)
* Support for common Search Engine Optimization techniques
* More features
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