Modeling site

A Modeling site is an Internet Website which caters to Models (the profession). Modeling sites come in several varieties:
A modeling site is the name given to any specialized website that is equipped to allow users the ability to post at a minimum, photographs and a description or similarly a profile that can list resume style that persons background and other pertinent information. The profile must then be viewable by general web traffic attained by the site, therefore providing a self promotion opportunity to the model. Various levels of functionality and effectiveness are typically encountered with the variation being the amount of traffic any one site can get to a models profile.
Portfolio Hosting Modeling Sites
Portfolio hosting modeling sites are a type of social networking site which allow the general public to create an online portfolio for the purpose of promoting modeling services. These sites may allow, in addition to models: photographers, modeling agencies, make-up artists, fashion designers, and other related professionals to post a portfolio. Combination Internet Beauty Pageant and Model Search sites employ additional exposure mechanisms like pageants in order to bridge the small gaps between modeling, pageantry and self promotion over the internet. Some sites are free, some charge a fee, and many offer a mix of free and fee-based services. Some portfolio hosting sites have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of portfolios. Many sites have rules and moderators which are for the purpose of ensuring quality and up-to-date information.
Tribute Modeling Sites
Tribute modeling sites are site erected to pay tribute (homage) to a model who is already famous (and in no need of self promotion.) These sites are seldom sanctioned by the celebrity to whom they pay tribute.
Individual Modeling Sites
An individual modeling site is a portfolio, usually existing on its own domain, for the purpose of promoting modeling services.
Agency Modeling Sites (Or Modeling Agency Sites)
An agency modeling site is similar to a portfolio hosting site, with the exception of the criteria for inclusion, and the fee structure. A modeling agency will generally have stringent criteria, and will take on relatively few models as clients. The content of an agency site is usually controlled by the agency, and not directly updated by the models.

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