Mitch Lucker

Mitchell Lee Lucker is the lead singer of deathcore band, Suicide Silence.


Mitch was raised in Riverside, California Born 10-20-84 (age 23). He joined the band Suicide Silence, a deathcore band, in 2002. The band released their first self titled EP in October of 2006. They released their first full-length CD, The Cleansing, on September 18, 2007 and it debuted at #94 on the Billboard Hot 100 its first week. Mitch is known for having a lot of tattoos. Mitch has both arms fully sleeved and his chest and neck fully filled in. He is also know for doing his signature "Pterodactyl Dance." He has a daughter, Kenadee Isis Lucker, who was was born 6-30-2007. He also has a fiance, Jolie, whom is Kenadee's mother. He used to be straight edge, but he sold out. He covered his edge tattoo's with black squares on his fingers.
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