Mikey Jerome

Mike Jerome is the third winner of SOAPnet's original reality series I Wanna Be a Soap Star. His prize was a 13-week contract role on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. His first appearance on the show was on August 11th, 2006, acting with Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) in his first scene. Reception of the character, who had no ties to anyone on the show, was poor. The actor's contract was not extended beyond the original 13 weeks he was signed on for. His character left the canvas early November.

Cousin of Timothy Kelly, former General Manager of Major League Lacrosse's Long Island Lizards, current General Manager of the New York Titans of the National Lacrosse League.

* 2006 One Life to Live (Ted Osbourne)
* 2006 I Wanna Be a Soap Star 3 (Winner)

* 1992

Coined Phrases
* "Daj"
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