Marah and Kapri

Marah and Kapri are fictional characters in the Power Rangers universe. They appeared in the television series Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, and reappeared in two episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Thet were based on Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger's Furabijoh and Wendinu respectively. Marah was played by Katrina Devine. Kapri was played by Katrina Browne.

Marah and Kapri are sisters, the nieces of the evil space ninja Lothor by marriage. Exactly who Lothor marries to gain this relation is never made clear. All is known is that their parents allowed them to stay with Lothor during his quest for power.

Though they are both stereotypically foolish, Marah (who has black hair and bug-looking headress) is rather more ditzy than Kapri. Kapri (who has pink hair), on the other hand, is meaner and more scornful (especially of Marah).

Marah and Kapri serving Lothor
Marah and Kapri constantly tried to prove to their uncle that they were evil enough to be in his army, and frequently showed each other up and the other generals in order to do so. Most often, Lothor considered them pests at best. Kapri used Lothor's PAM (Personal Alien Manager) to summon monstrous warriors from across the galaxy, and also to increase them to massive size.

On one occasion, Marah was kicked out of Lothor's army when her old friend, Beevil, upstaged her. Miserable, she helped Dustin Brooks, the Yellow Wind Ranger, to defeat Beevil. In the end, however, she betrayed him in order to be accepted back with Lothor.

Towards the end of the series, Marah and Kapri appeared to have hidden depths when they apparently arranged for Lothor's generals to overthrow him. It appeared that they were masterminds, merely hiding behind their ignorance, but this was soon revealed to be a ploy by Lothor himself. He was using them to destroy all of his own generals, and add their power to the Abyss of Evil, which would overflow and destroy the world. When their usefulness was at its end, though, Lothor betrayed them too and left them aboard the Dark Ship as it was about to explode. This led to them helping to free the captive Ninja Students and paved the way for their redemption.

Marah and Kapri as good guys
When Lothor and his generals were sealed in the Abyss of Evil, supposedly for good, Marah and Kapri joined the Wind Ninja Academy. Instead of picking one of the three standard uniforms, denoting their specialist element (red, blue or yellow), Marah wore orange and Kapri pink. They were watched closely by their cousin, Cameron Watanabe the former Green Samurai Ranger, though presumably more because of their bumbling than because he was concerned they might resume their evil ways.

In the two-part Power Rangers: Dino Thunder episode Thunder Storm, Marah and Kapri learned that Lothor had returned and infiltrated his army by claiming to now be great ninja. They used the opportunity to free Sensei, and later returned to free the captive ninja students (again).
*In the end of the crossover-episode, Marah and aspiring-news anchor/high school student Cassidy Cornell (a regular antagonist character from PRDT) saw each other in passing and commented to their respective friends on how beautiful the other one was, but each still claimed to be the prettiest one. The inside joke is the fact both characters are played by the same actress, Katrina Devine; this being highlighted in a split-screen shot of both characters speaking the same line at the same time moments later.

With Lothor gone again, it is highly likely that they have resumed their training at the Wind Ninja Academy.

One must ask how Marah and Kapri could suddenly turn from evil to good. One possibility is that when Lothor betrayed them, they realised that evil was not what they expected and thus rejected it. This is suggested by their childish arguments about which of them would rule over part of the world.

Another theory is that they were never truly evil to begin with, and that their attempts to impress Lothor were just that - attempts to impress a senior family member, and feel the sense of belonging that accompanies it. In the final episodes, they attached to Cam and Sensei in a similar way, having learned earlier that they were also related to them in some way.

At the very least, Marah revealed a sensitive side a number of times during the series. She became highly emotional when she lost a pet, or when nobody took her seriously. This is also suggested, for Marah at least, during the Beevil incident. Some have suggested that she only pretended to be evil after this in order to bring Lothor down from within.

Marah and Kapri are often seen as the female version of Bulk and Skull. Like them, Bulk and Skull were ditzy, clumsy characters who were introduced as enemies of the Power Rangers, but redeemed themselves and became good as their respective series went on. Since Kapri is slightly smarter than Marah, she is therefore the equivalent of Bulk, making Marah the equivalent of Skull.

Kapri's powers include teleportation, clothes transformation, energy projection, martial arts skils and shielding. She can project ice frost, control her sword while attacking her enemies, and can blow her enemies away with her breath.

Marah's powers consist of energy projection, combat techniques, shielding, flight, clothes transformation, and weapon-hand extension, martial arts skills and teleportation

Episodes Where They Turn Good

Power Rangers Ninja Storm # 22 - All About Beevil - Marah befriends Dustin after she is kicked off the ship and helps him fight Beevil, but betrays them in the end. It is also revealed that she grew feelings for Dustin during the short period where she was good. Also the first episode where she truly reveals how powerful she really is, while fighting Beevil hand-to-hand without her armor.

Powers revealed : Marah : Martial arts, Energy projection, Clothes Transformation

Power Rangers Ninja Storm # 30 - The Wild Wipeout - Tori gets sent to an Alternate Dimension where all the villains are allies and vise-versa. Marah and Kapri and hippies, upholding peace but when Tori gets attacked by the rangers, they aid her with the help of Lother.

Powers revealed : Marah : Energy Projection
Powers revealed : Kapri : Martial Arts Skills

Power Rangers Ninja Storm # 38 - The Storm Before the Calm Part 2 - After Lothor betrays them, they help Cam and the others in freeing the ninja students and joining the Wind Ninja Academy afterwards. They also wear the pink and orange uniforms, instead of the basic red, blue, or yellow.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Thunder Storm - Marah and Kapri pretend to side with Lothor after his return only to help save Sensei Kanoi Watanabe escape Lothor's lair. They also help free the captured Wind Ninja Academy students.
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