Mai Griffin

Mai Griffin(Portrait Painter and Author) is an English painter.
She began painting professionally in 1950 after leaving the University of Wales. As a successful Portrait Painter her works include official portraits of Royalty, Heads of State, prominent figures and several significant historical works for the National Museum of Brunei Darussalam. In Qatar, Mai completed official royal portraits of the Emir and the Heir Apparent (now the Emir), other Royal family members and HM The Queen for the British Embassy.
[]External Link to the Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
Over eighty of her paintings, including landscapes, hang in Palaces, Government Offices, Embassies and Stately Homes but many more are in smaller, private collections all over the world
Examples of her work include the following two portraits
Painted on commission when the sitter was less than two, this oil painting and the following are from a private collection.
The second picture below shows the same sitter nearly 15 years older as a follow up portrait.
Full permissions have been sought and granted for their inclusion here.

There are a great number of references to Mai as a and her work on the internet and it is worth while "googling" Mai Griffin to find out more - as she is a British Artist with over 50 years of Portrait painting behind her, it is perhaps quite surprising to discover that she has also written (and still does) mystery thrillers as well. She currently lives in theMarina Alta region of Spain
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