List of populist parties

This is a list of parties who ideologically/in terms of political philosophy, for one reason or the other can be named populist.
Difficulties with the identification
Differently from most ideologies, populism not only doesn't have a very defined ideological corpus and history (it is more correctly a type of discourse or a non-ideological political philosophy). Populism generally involves advocating for the 'common man' or 'the people' over wealthy or entrenched interests, or to help inforce popular empowerment (for instance: groups with principles based upon notions like Power to the people). Sometimes a political figure can be called a populist if they support items to help the poor whether they are socially liberal or conservative. Populism can be considered on the left, Center or the right; in the latter case it is often far-right campaigning against perceived oppressors of the poor dictated by xenophobia or prejudice, such as Jews (as happened in the Nazi party, etc.) as well as against wealthy businessmen. So few parties have the name Populist Party today, and not a lot more brag that their ideology may be defined as that. It is also a frequent, mainly in in Third World countries, to use populist as an insult on a politician who has weak democratic (and mainly demagogic) practices, so finding populist parties is a hard work, because we have to distinguish the connotations (both positive and negative) of populism and look for real trademarks of the populist ideology/political philosophy. But they normally name themselves People's Party, or Popular Party, People's Democratic Party, Popular Democratic Party, etc.
Populist parties in Africa
*African National Congress (social democrat/democratic socialist National Democratic Revolution populism)
* People's Front for Democracy and Justice (farmer-labour Hamasien nationalism, Greater Middle Eastern Third World populism).
Populist parties in the Americas
*American Reform Party (neo-liberal populist party)
* (american populism, democratic populism)
* (a loose coalition of left-wing anti-war movements which believed in populism as a way of achieving their left-wing pacifist objectives)
* (extreme right nationalist populism)
*Populist Party of America (slightly Democrat-aligned anti-bushism and center-left constitutionalist libertarian populism)
*Reform Party of Canada (1987-2000) (western Canadian populism)
*Reform Party of the United States of America (radical centrist economic nationalist populism)
Populist parties in Asia
* Lakas-CMD (ruling party of the Philippines) (syncretic Christian-Democrat-Islamic Democrat centrist populism)
* People Power Movement (Philippines in 1986) (anti-Marcos populism)
* (centre-right populism)
* Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (Philippine center-left party)
* United Progressive Alliance (a coalition of mainly nationalist social democratic and democratic socialist populist parties and movements, main among which the Indian National Congress Party)
* (semi-socialist mildly conservative and nationalist democratic populism)
* Janata Party (Indian pro-democracy populism with libertarian, socialist, conservative and integral humanist/hindutva factions)
Populist parties in Europe
*Forza Italia (right-wing and berlusconist party of Italy)
*Civic Democratic Party (oligarchic Czech right-wing nationalist-eurosceptic libertarian populism)
*Socialist-Revolutionary Party (socialist, non-marxist, anarcho-socialist, agrarian populism)
*Russia's Choice (oligarchic yeltsinist pan-slavist russian nationalist populism)
*Democratic Choice of Russia
*Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (ultranationalistic conservative semi-fascist totalitarian democrat populism)
*Our Home is Russia (statist yeltsinist russian nationalist populism)
*United Russia (a putinist version of Our Home is Russia)
*Democratic Party of Russia (liberal populism, popular democrat)
* (originally reformist, social progressive social democratic popular democrat populism, now social conservative, social liberal humanistic version of christian democratic popular democrat populism)
* (conservative centrist-christian democratic classical liberalist inspired by the European Centre parties, turned into socialy conservative more christian democratic eurosceptic populism with the leadership of Manuel Monteiro, and into ultraconservative, neoconservative and semi-christian democratic, conservative classical liberalist/libertarian conservative populism since the leadership of Paulo Portas)
*Common Course (Anti-EU communist left-wing nationalist populism)
* (libertarian conservative, anti-tax/regulation)
Populist parties in Oceania
*Reform Party of the Northern Mariana Islands (neo-liberal populism)
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