Libor Milian

Libor Milian (born May 17,1985) is an American/Russian singer-songwriter. He writes country and folk music, and is also a photographer and photo Model from San Diego, California, and Khabarovsk, Russia. Worldwide success reached thanks songs You left away.Top 100 Download Turkey You left away position 30 and holds 43 Lyrics Web ( Find Year 2016 ( New Artists 2016 ( and Also became New Country Star 2016.Taste of Country.The songs You left away debuted at No. 1 on Country Love Songs.Celebrated became because Dance Country Music and Folk music.Photographer and Photo Model he was stated on the radio NRJ Russia.Was nominated for musical in Nashville,that she had play also ( She speaks four languages Russian, German, Poland and English.Songs You left away he was eight months Popular songs MetroLyrics.Top 10 Indonesia Lyrics You left away which debuted at No.8 ( Influences Carrie Underwood,Miranda Lambert,Luke Bryan and .
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