Legend: legacy of the dragons

is a browser based, on-line fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game). Upon entering the game, you show up on the world of Faeo. This is a world where there are two dominant races: Magmars and Humans. Their enmity goes back long ago, and there have been constant wars throughout the many years, despite the constant thrashings of the Magmars.
Many races of creatures and peoples including elves, dwarves and halflings have perished in the wars between them leaving the Humans and Magmars as the remaining races who will have to learn to live together if there is to be peace.

Playing the game
You can also download the Game Client which has extra features such as background music and buttons made to help the game run better.
It has been found that some browsers run the game better than others, but using the Game Client will run it well either way.
The browser will open up a location screen and a chat window below it, with HUD on the top of the screen with buttons for things such as character stats, items and maps.
Being friendly and helpful to each other is promoted within the game to keep a friendly atmosphere
so that all people can enjoy the game. Those who do not follow the chat rules are warned and then stopped from chatting. Players can do this themselves but there are Moderators who have more abilities to deal with the 'offender's. People who ignore the warnings are reported to the administrators and are investigated and then blocked from the game altogether.

Combat and PvP
Combat is represented through turn based 'hack n' slash' fights that occur on-screen, including PvP (player-versus-player) combat, with customisable PC's (player characters).
There are hundreds of strange and beautiful locations to explore and battle through, with many weird and monstrous creatures to encounter, and a handy map to help guide you through your quests.
You can even join a clan with your friends and participate in group battles to bring down bigger foes or to challenge other players in PvP combat.

By choosing one of the professions, such as Jeweller and Sorcerer, you can expand your experience of the game, taking on quests and meeting the folk of your selected race. Every choice reflects your characters position in the game. Each path you choose will lead you on quests of treasure and rewards. And you can only be level 3 and up to get one.

Players can also converse through the chat window and gain tips and help from the online administrators and broadcast news.

Weekly Battles
Every week the dragons of each race lead raids into enemy territory and lead even larger battles at the Battlefields where players can collect Valour points' and use them to achieve Ranks. The score of the battles on the Battlefields are added to the main page where a scale of Victories is shown.
Players can help one another with special items, help to heal each other with scrolls and even call upon beasts to help out when the fight gets tough. Players will also meet the Dragons in combat, but they won't be fighting them singlehandedly for very long, for the Dragons will eat them up! But, with a combined effort from other players, they can be brought down eventually. Raids into enemy territory can also be led to rob banks, and the spoils of combat shared out amongst the winning side.

There are many forums for different areas in the game and include a new one where people who's native language is not English can contact others for help in the game. Players should contribute and read the forums to know more about the game or to ask questions and take part in polls and register their interest to join the Legion.

Players can add friends to a contact list and help each other when needed. They can also add 'enemies' to add a bit of fun and rivalry.

After reaching the required level, players can create Clans that their friends can join. You have to use the in-game money to register your clan and supply a cool picture for your own clan symbol. It has to be small, 13x13 pixels, so something distinctive and bold would be best.

Moderators and the Legion
Players can register join the Legion to become an authorised helper in the game, called a Legionnaire. Those in the Legion are there to help other players and moderate the chat window. They start off on a probationary period as Mentors and are paid for doing a shift where they help players and report any errors they find in the game. Reports that are helpful to them are rewarded too and any player can make these reports. Their pay is then increased after two weeks and they have the choice of either remaining as a Mentor or joining the clan of the Guards. If you join the Guards you would have to leave your clan, since this is a special group of players who 'police' the game, checking for people who could be hacking the game, looking after the chat window and putting players in the dungeon for in-game 'crimes'.

Players can see what's new and access the forum for more help from the main page or from the Forum button within the HUD (Head Up Display).
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