Katarzyna Dolinska

Katarzyna Dolinska is a fashion model and America's Next Top Model contestant. She is representative of Roslyn, New York. Katarzyna Dolinska was born in Lublin, Poland with birthname Katarzyna. She attended Cornell University, and was 22 when she was on America's Next Top Model. Katarzyna works in finance.

On America's Next Top Model
Dolinska was considered a front runner of the competiton, though some of the other girls did better than her in several episodes. Her hair was dyed dark brown when the girls had the makeovers. In episode 6 the girls had to pose for different types of music genres, she was given a short wig to wear during the shoot and, wowed the judges by her photoshoot at the panel, which inspired Tyra to give her a new makeover. In the next episode, as Tyra promised, her hair was cut. Though she did cry, she was happy for the result and shone at the Fuerzabruta photoshoot. In episode 9 the girls took the group picture of jetsetters, though she did a great job, Tyra called her 4th because the judges wanted to see some personality in her. She showed the judges she had personality and, she shone in the CoverGirl commercial on the next episode. But, the judges eliminated her in the 11th episode because she seem to be coasting, rather than improving.

Post Show Career
From the interview in the CW Source, Dolinska said that she thought that she was perceived as being boring due to editing. And she also said that she preferred doing modeling after ANTM. If there is no agency that wants to sign with her, she will go to London to pursue the master course of finance.
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